go fug yourself

  1. For those who have not discovered this yet, so right to it after thepurseblog!!! It's brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. its a live bookmark for me!
  3. It's really a funny blog :smile:
  4. Bookmarked! Can't Kimberly Stewart just go away...and take Paris with her???? LOLOLOL!!!
  5. Bwahahahahahaha! I forgot about this site! Thanks for the reminder!!!
  6. OMG I just checked it out and nearly died laughing! Love the pics and the Britney blog was the best:wacko:
  7. Thanks, this is a crazy site !
  8. Ok u have a point....
  9. So, is it about a website about celebs who love to be in the limelight or simply don't know how to dress? :P If so, Paris Hilton will forever be on that website.
  10. i luv this site :smile:
  11. I got lost in that blog. HILARIOUS!!
  12. it's the greatest, and the celebs give us sooooo much material!!! check out the oscar updates and the fabulously-tacky pam anderson!!
  13. Ummm..... I like the name of this site..
  14. Great blog. Very clever. I visit it frequently.
  15. Ooh .. yeah, I know that site :smile: It's really fun!