Go for Pastels Or White?

  1. I have been thinking of a pastel kelly (I know I know, I just posted in another thread that I want to enjoy my bags and stop thinking about getting new ones but I have no BLOODY discipline...:shame: )

    Rose dragee seems to fit the bill... off white with hint of lilac... until my SA suggested that I might as well get a pure white kelly (with gold hw) if I am going to do pastel. He felt that rose dragee might possibly look a bit "dirty" in certain lighting...Since all pastels are dirt magnets, he said i may as well get a white kelly which he felt was the QUEEN of pastels bags. He suggested Epsom as that was the easiest leather to maintain.

    What do you ladies think?
  2. white - no pastel!!!!!!!

    I agree with the SA, rose dragee can look dirty...
  3. Ok.....I am the WRONG one to answer this but because I can't mind my own business and, also have to rack up the number of posts I have because I made a bet with HG that I'd get to 10,000 posts in record time, here's my two cents.

    No to Rose Dragee (looks dirty already), No to white (will GET dirty) and No to Epsom (feels dry and papery). HOWEVER, if the choice is ONLY between White and Rose Dragee (and who named this color anyway?!?!?!) in Epsom and there's nothing else to consider I'd go with the White in a hot second.......as long as you dont have a history of dropping food or red wine on yourself like I do.

    Which is why I am the WRONG person to answer this.......
  4. Ok shopmom... I get you... a resounding no....:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    You are probably right... forget the pastel already.....I'll wait for a rouge H box kelly to turn up at my doorstep...
  5. I do love the idea of rose dragée but it's true that it can show dirt worse than white (I have a pastel pink bag and I have to clean it all the time).

    Go white if you MUST have a bag in light tones.
  6. hi all, I pop into the Hermes thread once in a while, and actually I've been wondering about the same question too. I'm VERY keen on getting a yellow birkin but SA says they don't do yellow anymore...:crybaby:

    So, I'm thinking about white instead. Is white really that difficult to maintain? SA also mentioned that white if left unused for some time will yellow? Does the different leathers make it difference? TIA!!