Go for launch!!

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  1. Space Shuttle Discovery is set to launch in 9 minutes! It'll be the first night launch in 4 years. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. My little brother and I raced out into the driveway followed by my father to watch the launch. All of my neighbors started coming out as well land we all looked to the East for the bright lights... it's so dazzling.:heart:
  3. Just missed it. Will have to find a stream online.

    Was really looking forward to watching this on tv.
  4. It was a beautiful launch! Discover is now safe in orbit and they are starting their activities to get them all settled in.

    I cry every time I see it! :crybaby: Thank God Discovery and her crew are safe!
  5. Wow, hard to believe....4 years!
  6. I'm envious! That must have been a beautiful site. I'm in Houston and just watched it on NASA tv. Just beautiful!
  7. Yahoo! I'm in Houston also (for the weekend) and also did the NASA TV viewing. Beauts!!!
  8. It was just a little bit cloudy (not enough to obstruct my view) and the flames reflecting on the clouds made it seem like a light show.

    It was beautiful.:heart: