Go etoupe Bolide, GO!

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  1. was browsing through a friend's facebook and saw he snapped this picture
    What a GORGY bolide huh ?:heart: What size? I'm thinking 37 ?
  2. looks bigger, maybe a 45?
  3. The largest is a 47cm. Looks like one. She carried it well!
  4. I don't think it's a 37 - unless she is a very petite woman!
  5. definitely not a 37. It looks like a travel size.
  6. I agree with favorhermes, that thing is HUGE..definitely travel size. GORGY. Now that is an ACTION action shot! :P
  7. Love etoupe!
  8. OK, I *love* this!!!


    Can't be a 37.

    Must add to my list!
  9. Come to mama!!...:love:
  10. that is so beautiful.
  11. Yes looking at it on a computer [posted from iPhone] it does look a lot bigger, and Piaffe I'm with you--I need to own one.
  12. lecolquitt, That's a great Bolide!
    Thanks for sharing. :smile:
  13. That is sooooo nice, I love big purses, so it looks "perfectly sized" to me!
  14. Love it!! I'm a fan of biiiig bags!
  15. Love etoupe, love bolides