Go check your Nordstrom Rack!

  1. I was there tonight and they hand so many good deals and they have an extra 35-75% off most stuff.

    Mine had gorgeous Stuart Weitzman patent pumps for $70 (I was so sad they didn't fit me :crybaby:)
    -Sunnies (Fendi, Juicy, Coach) for <$65
    -Lots of designer jeans for $75 and under (I saw 7FAM capris on clearance for $30!)
    -TONS of Juicy, Betsey Johnson and Charles David bags

    My total was <$60 for a scarf, sweater, a nail polish and a pair of leather BCBG pumps. The store was a mess because it was late, but it wasn't too picked over yet. I never find so much cheap stuff there! So if you can, go to the Rack!!! :tup:
  2. Thanks!!! - im going to check mine out later tonight......which Nordstrom Rack was this? - I'm going to tbhe one in Westbury,NY
  3. It was the one in King of Prussia, PA. I just realized forgot to include a Wacoal bra in my list of things I got for $60. Even the cashier was amazed by my good deals :tup:
  4. I just bought a Wacoal bra for full retail at Nordstrom and I paid $45 + tax. I'm definitely gonna swing by NR now!!! Did you see any small sizes? I feel like they usually carry 32B and up.
  5. ^ They had different racks for different sizes, so I didn't look through the smaller sizes, but all the racks were full. The Wacoal bra I bought was only $13!!! :tup:

    They had a gorgeous Wacoal strapless bra for only $9.99, but it wasn't my size :sad:
  6. Ahh. I'm in the philadelphia area until Saturday and I keep telling the bf I need to go to Nordstrom rack! Maybe tomorrow...
  7. Aww man, can someone tell me if there is a Nordstrom Rack I can go to from NYC, without a car? Is there a Nordstrom Rack at Roosevelt Field Mall? I so want to go...:amuse:
  8. i have to check my local NR!
  9. I *think* there is one on Old Country Rd. in Westbury... I think you can take the LIRR and then maybe take a bus or taxi there...
  10. Here is the link for the store locator. There is one in NY -

    I never realized how lucky I was that there are 4 in my area.
  11. Thanks Soccer Mom and Bagatella for your help! I'll see if I can go tomorrow, but I don't want to get lost.
  12. That surprised me about NJ. I used to live there (a long time ago) and it was such a bargain shopping mecca. That may have changed by now, tho.
  13. My NR is the one on Old Country Rd....gotta check it out, was there last week but I didn't check out the shoes. Got a real cheap bra, Felina? for $13, some panties and various tops and baby clothes.