Go broke for dream bag??

  1. Hi all! I haven't been posting much in LV lately, but I'm back w/ a huge dilemma! :confused1: Ok, so Christmas is right around the corner which is why I'm feeling so guilty & unsure. My dream bag (the Mizi) was on eBay. Someone got it w/ a Best Offer. I contacted the seller asking if anything went wrong w/ the buyer to please contact me. Well...2 days later her buyer still hadn't contacted her so she just relisted it for me. At first when I let it slip by I felt it wasn't meant to be...but now I feel like maybe this is a sign?? It's hard to find a Mizi in good condition... SO, do I go broke for my dream bag, or let it go again & hope to find one in the future... like next year when I pay off my Christmas debt! (I have a LOT of family to shop for!) HELP!! :shrugs:
  2. have u get the auction auth yet? As hard as it sounds, I'd keep it off until X-mas shopping is all paid for, family always comes first, plus you never know if there's something catches your eyes better than Mizi when the SS 08 launch.:flowers:
  3. I think if you really want it, then go for it! You will regret it for a LONG time if you don't get it!
  4. That is SO beautiful! Get it!
  5. If you feel you might regret not buying it later, then go for it. With LV you can't go wrong...especially if it's your dreambag.
  6. It's a beautiful bag so go for it !!!
  7. You should buy it. Like you said, it's your dream bag, it's hard to find and you might regret not buying it. If you don't really have money you can go on a purse ban-ish thing after you have bought that.
  8. hmm... if u ask me, yes i've been "broke" several times for my dream bag LOL
    but i'll buy it as long as i can pay the debt in short time and i still have money for my everyday life
  9. I think you should get it. If it's something you think about everyday, then why not? For me, there's no such thing as a 'dream' bag. There are TOO many bags out there that I would love to have, so it's always hard for me to buy a new bag. I think I am just getting addicted to the boxes multiplying in my closet lol... HELP ME!

    But seriously... get it if you love it! :smile:
  10. Thanks for the input everyone!!
    But has anyone looked at the eBay listing compared to the Let-trade listing? Which one looks better? TIA!!
  11. As much as I love bags, I wouldn't recommend going in debt for one.

    Save up, and another one will come along. The process is so much more enjoyable when you can do it guilt free!
  12. Oh boy, thanks for your advice...but I couldn't help it!!! The seller was getting a little annoyed w/ me since we've been in contact so much, soooo...I just bid on my bag. I'm sure I won't regret it once I have her in my arms :love: Can't wait! I just tell myself, buy now, think later! :push: