go big or go home- my trip to the sample sale

  1. well i said i wanted a scarf. i was not prepared for the sheer volume of scarves. i was only going to buy one. i swear. this super sweet SA was a doll after i told her it was my first one and helped me pick one. the one she picked is a gorgeous colorway. i am not too find of the print but i love the colors. then i saw someone trying one on that was stunning so i had to try that too and i loved it. then there was one i adore as a wall hanging. it's not so great as a scarf. but literally like 4 people walked up to me and my friend when she was holding it asking for it. another SA said it was the last one and that other people had asked for it. so OF COURSE i had to get it. sheesh. i was thinking about a plisse but i think the scarves were more me for now.

    the garden partys were DELISH but too small for me. i looked at the belts and bracelets and considered getting one but decided against it. i wanted to get my brother a tie but didn't know his suits to figure out the right color.

    it's so funny but because of this board i really do feel like i know a bit about hermes. not a lot but i asked about one scarf and they told me it was new and they would not have it as it was sold out of the stores (the monsieur and madame). then some other girl came and asked for it too. lol. i thought that was funny.

    oh and my odd moment- i interviewed for a job on tuesday and i saw this woman holding a stunning scarf. turns out it was the woman who interviewed me. what are the chances? i didnt say anything to her- i didn't know what to say.

    so without further ado- here are my new scarves:

    les rivers de babel in blanc/ vert
    les zebras II in safran and chocolat
    cheveaux des empereur in concord/ viloine

    and me in the new way i learned to tie it tonight. i am now broke. but oh i wanted to take every scarf home with me. there was one i had been eyeing in the store that they had and one with a huge fish and lots of the ones that look like snowglobes. i really love that one.

    where do i find the s stamp?
    IMG_3820.JPG IMG_3821.JPG IMG_3822.JPG IMG_3827.JPG IMG_3830.JPG
  2. here is one last pic. sorry my mirror is so dirty
  3. Guess you went big and NOW YOU HAVE TO STAY HOME or should I say away from Hermes for a bit!!!! LOL!

    Congratulations to you!!! Enjoy.
  4. Gorgeous scarves! :nuts: Congrats!!!
  5. The Zebra scarf is my fave, because I have the same one in black and white! Awesome scarves...I always USED to think wearing scarves was for, um, old people. Well, then I am offically old, cause I have a few now and I do wear them. AND my daughter even borrowed one to wear to work today. Guess that makes her old at 24 now too doesnt it!
    YAY for you and your pretty scarves!
  6. Oh, man, I hope that scarf with the huge fish wasn't a Grands Fonds.:s The human Grands Fonds may just send you back to get it.:p Anyway, nice haul. I see you're on your way to building a collection, this is how it starts after all. Pretty soon, you'll be just like Shopmom posting thread after thread begging someone to help her stop, but alas, realizing there is no help for people like herself. The first step is admitting there is a problem, and I have yet to see her do that. See, you're starting just like her. Just one you tell yourself, really, just one, next thing you know the Fedex truck drives to your place and dumps its entire load on your lawn, and you realize................all those boxes are mine.:p
  7. So you think it's a bad idea to invite her along on my twice weekly visits?!:confused1:
  8. Nice haul!!! Glad you made it!
  9. aw i want the boxes! i wish they came with them! what does the grands fonds look like? i can tell you if that was it....

    omg i HAVE to stay away from hermes. seriously i am DONE. lol. i checked all my cc balances yesterday and swore i would never shop again and here i am. i might have to sell a kidney.
  10. thank you all! well, no thanks to you- LOL. i am in such trouble. lol
  11. Gorgeous scarves, I love the Zebras also!
  12. Beautiful scarves, hlfinn. Congratulations!!!! :yahoo: I am a big fan of the Babel scarf and it looks lovely on you. And so sorry to tell you this, but these scarves are just like Lay's potato chips . . .there is no way you can stop with just one . . or even three . . .
  13. Those are great! I want that Babel scarf! It's TDF! Great job!
  14. Oh they're beautiful!!! I like big, bold designs like the Zebra one you got. There's another one similar to that which I adore as well which is made up of a couple of giraffes.

    You wear your scarves well! Thanks for sharing your day at Hermes!
  15. Just lovely!!