go BIG or go HOME! My Shopping Spree Lately

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  1. here are some of the latest and greatest...please do not tell my DH

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  2. box 1: natural barenia cape code wrap watch

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  3. box 2: sterling necklace....only to thread my scarves to...to wear as a top....

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  4. and inside this box....which my dad made for my mother as a gift...over 35 years ago.

    I found it and new it would be perfect for what I put inside.

    I just need to finished out the inside. I am still working on getting it refurbished....new hardware and new finish...

    but what could go inside?

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  5. okay so what can go inside?

    all my many many scarves...that I bought in a matter of a week!

    I got bitten and the scarf bug just grew rapidly. I had to catch up!

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  6. Great things gg!! Love the watch - and of course the scarves!
  7. what a great haul. the box is perfect
  8. Lovely things!
  9. Going BIG is fine with me too, guccigal!

    How great to be able to use a 'heirloom' box for your lovely scarf collection. :yes:That must give you smiles!
  10. HOLY COW!!!!!!! Talk about a HAUL!!!!! Everything is beautiful and I adore the box for your scarves. It's very, very special!!!!!
  11. Oh my gosh, what a wonderful shopping spree!!!
    More pictures of the scarves please!!
  12. Wow!!!!! That is amazing!
  13. They are all so beautiful and I love the box too. What a fun week that must have been.

    I'm a bit curious, how do you thread a scarf through the necklace :confused1:
  14. OMG! Incredible! Congratulations! And I too need to know all about that necklace for wearing scarves! Please!!! Is it to wear them halter style?
  15. What a great way to keep your scarves!!!!