Go(at)ing mad

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  1. Ladies, I have a confession to make.

    Remember when I said that I'd SOed a Rouge Garance JPG a month or so ago?

    Well... ever since, I've been obsessing about Rouge Vif Chevre. Heck, I even read just a minute ago Lulu's thread as "Help me stay focused on my Hermes goats!" :nuts:

    Do you know a rehab I could check myself into before I go(at) mad? :upsidedown: :lol:

    Or could it be that my true love is a 30/35 cm Rouge Vif Chevre and I'm just deluding myself in the arms of the JPG because I wanted a shoulder bag?
  2. Hermes Goats......really expensive, only available to some, comes with own raincoat. BAA BAA BAA !!!:lol: :upsidedown:

    Perja - you'll fall asleep tonight counting GOATS!!!!!
  3. You're not helping!!! :Push:
    Can I catch the goats and skin them? :nuts:
  4. As long as you catch a rouge vif one!!!! Grab a vert anis for me!! (imagine if they actually DID come in the different colours - LOL!!)
  5. LOL, you're so funny, Kristie :yes: This has made my day.
  6. little red, green, bj, chocolate, marron-fonce goats running around.

    and little braise, black, beige-rose, honey crocodiles swimming.......

    black, shiny box calves running around............big fat clemence bulls in cognac..........little vert and noir lizards.......LMAO!!!!!!!
  7. And somewhere, a mad scientist performing experiments against nature to produce...

  8. aaaaarrrrgggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Perja...this is going to happen time and time again...what can you do? Save more money and buy more bags I guess!!!

    That is why you are here...to talk about it all!!! To make us laugh.
  10. And lo, pass me my jester's hat, fashionned of the carcasses of a hundred H scarves! :nuts: Hmm I wonder if I can SO one...
  11. actually i blieve you just have one love and that is hermès.
    abd boi i kow how hard it is to dcide which bag has to come next but in the end i know no matter how i decide it is the right decision and that it does not matter which comes first as i love them all.
  12. It's a never ending saga- the more you see, the more you want. What is a girl to do, but BUY MORE BAGS!!!!:lol::whistle:
  13. Find a sugar daddy! Kidding of course!!!
  14. Of course! We're higher maintenance than that, we need at least 2 :graucho:
  15. Perja, welcome to the club. For every bag I buy, I want two more!
    If you really want to be tortured, ask OT to post a pic of her Rouge Vif 30 Birkin in Chevre. Lethal.
    I say get the JPG and then order the Birkin next.
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