"Go ahead and buy a tokidoki bag" -Husband

  1. :heart::wlae:My husband just told me I could buy a tokidoki bag...anyone I wanted! I don't know what to do! I really want a backpack or BV or Zuca (I won't waste this on a wallet) and I really want an inferno, citta rosa or paradisio....ahhh should I do eBay? try an outlet? I haven't really been looking! :yahoo:
  2. infernos and paradisos should still be available at some outlets. your best bet is eBay for citta rosas. there's a thread of what's still available at the SH outlet. (that's a great husband, by the way!)
  3. I think I may go with the outlets...it's a bit easier...yet I still want a citta rosa...I'll take anything citta rosa with the popcorn guy.
  4. haha awesome... and yes I agree... outlets! for citta rosa... eBay or have some ladies on TPF keep an eye out for u? ;)
  5. Lucky you, lol. Everytime I get a new bag ...eyes roll. LMFAO.

    mmmMMMmhHhmm, outlets. I do not trust evilbay, but that's just me haha.
  6. all my husband says is "why do you spend all of our money?"
  7. :roflmfao:
  8. LOL...oh gosh I am happy my money & my bf's is not in the same account or something cuz I'd be constantly borrowing haha.
  9. There were a few Inferno Scuolas at the Seattle outlet last time I was there. :smile: Maybe even a BV or two. Haven't seen a Zucca there yet though; it's a popular style.
  10. DEFINITELY CHECK OUT THE OUTLETS!! I hope you find what you want!!

    My boyfriend :rolleyes: when I buy a toki and I :rolleyes: when he buys stuff for his car.. so it balances out.. I guess LOL
  11. It's nice that you ask your husband about it. I just say "look at my new bag" and he rolls his eyes at me. :shrugs:
  12. thats so sweet!!!

    oh if only i could have a husband/boyfriend anyting buy me a toki haha or any purse

    like the Marc Jacobs Stam that i want..
    im about to forget it and get an inspired one.. damnit
  13. wow what a great husband!! I hope you choose a great bag :yes: zucca .. zucca ... zuuuuccaaaa .. :biggrin:
  14. I ended up going with an inferno scuola from the SH outlet. I really wanted it in citta rosa, but it was too much on ebay. I don't mind if something has tags or is used so I'll wait for a steal off of lj or ebay for that...or my birthday is coming up :graucho:
  15. My BF gave me a very frustrated look yesterday when I told him I got another handbag...It is the 3rd in 3 weeks...hmm