GO-14 or Twist - chains not working/ & maybe Amex chargeback?

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  1. Hi everyone -

    I purchased 3 GO-14 MMs because I absolutely loved the style, maybe a bit over month ago. I took one out finally this week, and nearly threw it across the restaurant

    The chains get stuck and don't pull thru. And then they get caught under the flap. And then the bag goes sideways.

    The brown one, I guess more the original version, has thicker, heavier chains. The cyclamen and dune have lighter chains where the links protrude more, and they get knotted up in the loops on either side of the bag.

    I contacted my SA and she was extremely aloof. Like, oh so sorry. Let me know if you want to order anything in the future! I've spent 35k with her in 3 months for reference. Now that I've sent her videos of the issue and contacted American Express about a defective product, she is going to "ask her manager" what they can do, after confirming on text that she can see how it's an issue, and you have to adjust them when you use the bag, and them getting knotted up could be frustrating. I did forward this text conversation to Amex. One of the bags is within 30 days so I should be ok there. The other 2 are out about 33 days. One has been used one day, the other 2 have never seen daylight.

    Anyone having this issue or have an experience with a chargeback for a bag that doesn't work right??
  2. Just to add also, this is at the LV boutique in the Bloomie's in SF. AND they have also changed the design of both the Twist and the GOs so the chain loops are now on TOP of the bag, not fastened underneath the flap on the sides.

    This tells me they were aware of a design issue.
  3. I would go directly to the manager first. Since you're a good customer, I'd hope they can help you out.
  4. Thanks MokeyLV, I am not a returner and really don't ever cause an issue. And I am a great customer! The manager is supposed to be in tomorrow, so I hope that will help things. I am a bit nervous about this, as I am hoping there is a positive outcome. I can't post videos on this forum, but you guys would be like, wth? That's crazy town with those chains!!
  5. Hi! I have the GO-14 in brown and I'm undecided to keep it. Are you able to wear it crossbody? I would like it to wear crossbody but find it a little short. Also if you can give us an update; where you able to return all of them?
  6. I am not familiar with the GO-14 but I have the twist wallet on a chain (the recent release with the b/w pattern and studs)- the attachment is under the flap. I looked at it this morning. Although it does get a little bunched up after storage in the bag, the chain straightens out and does not seem to have issues when I put it on. I think bags with heavy chains like Chanel, etc. inherently require a little extra attention and care when wearing- it is the nature of these curb link chains to move and change position. I only have a few bags with chains so I am not too concerned with the issue you describe. But if it makes you uncomfortable and obviously very unhappy, you should get your money back. Please do not do the chargeback unless it is your last resort- I can tell you that it will destroy your relationship with that boutique (if it matters at this point since you have already called them out) and it could change how LV does business with you going forward. Good luck- I hope it works out for you.
  7. Hi Mila-

    Sorry for the delayed response to this post! They allowed me to return based on the chains being a defect. Of course I had not used them so it was just a little late. But I stopped in the LV boutique last week in Vegas ans guess what??? They have changed the design. Chain loops are on top now of the GO-14's. Go figure. The SA there said it was a major design flaw and had to be redone. Wow huh???

    The chains on the brown are heavier though than the newer season ones, so they do pull through a little better....
  8. Apologies, OP, for me misunderstanding...but in your original post you state "the brown one with more original version, has thicker heavier chain" and that the "cyclamen and dune have lighter chains...", causing the issue where the links protrude and get knotted up, but in the post above you imply that the new design was necessary due to a design flaw in the original version. So was your issue with the brown bag with the original version or the cyclamen and dune ones with the new design? FWIW, I have a Go-14 in the original version with the loop attachment under the flap rather than on top and have never had an issue with the chain, so I am trying to identify which version of the bag you had issues with. Thanks.
  9. No worries - I am sure it's my fault for being confusing! Ok there are actually 3 versions. First one - loops underneath, heavier chains. Second, loops underneath, lighter chains (hence the issues of the knotting up). Third, brand new design and only in a few colors so far, lighter chains but chain loops on top, which eliminates the issue

    Does that make better sense?!
  10. Hi Tracey, can you post pictures of the problem, I am having trouble visualising what you mean so I can compare with my GO-14. Cheers
  11. I am so sorry but I don't have the bags anymore! I made a couple of videos of the issue that I can unearth somewhere but unfortunately can't post on here
  12. I just read that you no longer have them. I worked out what you meant. I looked at the bags on the LV website and compared to mine. I would never have noticed the change in the loops if you hadn't posted this issue. I was thinking about getting another one and now I know to get the loops on top, which my studs version does have.

    Did you get the newer version as replacement, or something different? :smile:
  13. I had completely given up on the style until about a week ago when I saw the new design in Las Vegas. So, it's been a couple of months since I "surrendered" the others! However, I have been super duper guilty of crossing the fence into Chanel.... in a big way :angel:
  14. Thanks for clarifying! Makes sense now. Sorry you had an issue with your bags...and its too bad because they were lovely. Hopefully the new design fixes the issue.