gnorant LV fan asking for your help

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  1. Hey ladies,

    I jsut bought an LV cles with a key holder and I cannot seem to be able to open the key holder to put the key inside:confused1:. It is the one that you also put coins inside. Any help? please:shame::shame::tup:
  2. Push the piece on the side up and then pull it outwards (if that's a word?) - hope this helps!!

    Oh, and congrats on your new cles! Do post pics!!! ;)
  3. I had the same problem!
  4. i actually had the same problem when i got my first cles. it's a bit different, you don't just press the moveable part inwards (like most keychain clasps), you kind have to sort of push it along the direction of its axis (sorry for the terminology, don't know other way to describe).

    ack, it's really hard to describe. i have attached a picture to help. the part encircled is where it opens. try to move the moveable part in the direction of the arrow. then push it outwards a little bit. it should open.

    if anyone else can better describe it, feel free. isorry if my explanation isn't too great
    coin purse.jpg
  5. OMG same thing happened to me when i first bought my cles. It's the side with the hinge. Kind of push it up, then out. hahaha i had the hardest time trying to figuire it out.. lolz. I kept trying to move the smooth side. :lol:
  6. Instead of trying to pull the hinge outward, first push it up into the main part of the clasp-- directly up into it, it's spring-loaded-- and then it will easily swing out. Hope that makes sense.
  7. sweetneet - you even have demonstrational pics.... YOU ROCK!!!! :rochard:
  8. finally understood:tup:! thanks ladies!special thanks to sweetneet for the illustration!
  9. Lol. the same thing happened to me
  10. lol

    with my first cles, i gave it to my boyfriend to figure out, i kept saying "be careful"
  11. DH got one with a VVN Fortune Key Holder. We didn't get "trained" at the LV boutique and had to call them to find out how to open the ring! Once you know the trick, it's a brilliant mechanism.
  12. DH bought a VVN Fortune Key Holder. We didn't even think to ask how to work it when we were at the boutique. We had to call to get instructions. How silly, but it sure makes a secure key holder. Also, no broken fingernails from trying to separate a conventional ring.
  13. Sometimes I still forget how to open it.... arrrghhh.... it's like I almost have to re-learn every time.
  14. That happened to me as well. =p