GNG Hospital review - 2 week post op


Feb 9, 2017
Thank you for your honest review! Please continue to keep us updated! I think i will ask the doctor for a dramatic result in my rhinoplasty, as my alars are very wide
Yeah, I think there's a misconception that dramatic = obvious/unnatural but I think it comes down to the surgeon's skill.

Hello! I have a question, im also thinking to go to GNG but for Nose+ Facial Contouring, is GNG good for FC ? Since they are known for their noses.
And does somebody knows if MEGA is good in both or BANOBAGI? Thank you :smile:
I'm not too sure about FC since I didn't do FC there, but there are some on this forum that did it through GNG and had good results. I think they have only 1 FC surgeon, Dr Choi.


Jul 19, 2017
The no-implant method is where they harvest cartilage from you (or if you don't have enough, they use donated cartilage) and diced it up finely to create a bridge. There's a lower chance of infection because it's your own cartilage, but because of that, it's more likely to absorb. I wanted to avoid any unevenness. Silicon is fairly safe, the easiest to remove if I require any revision in the future, and I barely had enough cartilage for my tip from nose. I didn't want to use rib (invasive), nor donated cartilage so silicon it was :smile:
Hey! For the no plant, this is what I was told by GNG! They wrapped the diced up cartilage with fascia. When it is wrapped in fascia, they have a lower absorption rate (1 or 2%), and there shouldn't be any unevenness.