Gmail - only with invitations?

  1. okay, i wanted to get a gmail address but i heard you can only get one by invitation from somebody how already have one or it's also possible with a code sent to your mobile phone. this only works for the us and some other countries, i think. so, my question is, if somebody of you wants to 'invite' me? :shame:
  2. sure I have gmail account I will send you a invitation! just pm me your email =D
  3. Gmail is invitation only, but each member has like 50 invites to give out!

    If anyone else wants one, I'm more than happy to share too! I love my gmail account.
  4. I have 100 invites, so if you would like one please pm me.
  5. Same here!
  6. Ok, I admit it, I'm a moron....what is gmail????
  7. Gmail is a free e-mail account (but my invite only). It is like Hotmail, but IMO, much better. There is a search function, you can archive your e-mails, and they recently implemented a really neat calendar.
  8. thanks so much, you are the best! :heart: :biggrin:
  9. ohhh does it work in canada??
  10. ^ oh, i think it works worldwide...
  11. can someone send me an invitte please??
  12. PM me your current email address, I'll send you an invite.
  13. You can instant message too (only between other GMail users) if someone is checking their email at the same time as you.

    If anyone else would like an invite, I'll invite you!
  14. Yeah, if you guys want to be invited, just pm with your email addy and we r more than happy to invite you to gmail...

  15. Got the invitation, thanks [​IMG]