GM, XL or XXL (of anything) owners...

  1. with this falls trend being SUPER HUGE bags, especailly you Mahina owners, what do you think of people carrying the Speedy 40 as a handbag?

    I have one and just can't bring myself to carry it as a purse, but ALL my friends are begging me to, telling me it will be so cool, they have HUGE purses from Target, Saks, etc and they think it would look fine.

    IDK I can't decide....

    I just think the big purses should have a rounded shape to look ok, like the Mahina.
  2. It doesn't look enormous on you, really it looks fine! Try it for a couple of days, maybe you will get used to it and love it.
  3. Looks hot to me!:tup:
  4. It looks good on you! Keep on rocking it. :tup:
  5. Ok this is from someone who uses the large Chanel cabas, the Prada Bauletto, the Hampstead MM - rock that bag! Try it out in real life, go shopping with her, if it still feels weird for you, at least use her for weekends away etc. If you can get over that initial "big" feeling, it will be great. Good luck!
  6. it doesn't look that big on you. when i got my Mahina XL i was surprised that it really wasn't as big as i'd feared, because i could adapt it to my own frame. and when i got my Fendi Spy last year, it seemed big at first, but after a while i got used to it
  7. If it's not full, it doesn't look so huge. It looks really nice on you! I've actually seen a speedy 40 carried completely full, and it looked fantastic. The girl was a bit taller than me (I'm 5"6') but she had high heels so maybe she was my height. It might get heavy, though. :yes:
  8. I think it looks great on you!!!! I love big bags!!! I say go for it!!!!
  9. looks great on you! you are rocking it with your speedy. i love the big bags myself.
  10. Thanks everyone, I knew I could count on you guys for the truth!

    I will try it out. Maybe since everyone else is carrying big bags around me I will feel more comfortable with it. :tup: I just won't cram it full (which I'm sure I could do!)
  11. It looks great! definitely try it now. I love large bags!
  12. I carry a Speedy 40 as an everyday bag, and I love it !!!
  13. I think it looks great on you!!! I loooove a big bag! See if you feel comfortable with it...that's what matters!:yes:
  14. I think it looks gooooooooood on you!
  15. It's not so huge on you, so wear it well and don't worry about the size!