GM vs. Vision Agendas

  1. I have been trying to get accurate information and I need to ask you all for help. This is what I have gathered on my shopping/research. Can you add or take away info. to help me?

    GM Agenda- 5 1/4" x 4"
    one or two hooks available to choose your inside set-up
    with loops or without
    zip option available

    Vision Agenda- 6 1/4" x 4"
    one hook
    with loops or without
    zip option available

    What I would like to know, is the above info correct? Am I missing anything inside, like does the Vision have a 2 hook choice?
    Do either of the above have any slots or extras inside that I am missing(Like on the front and back sides)?

    While I have you captive...
    On a Vision II Zip Agenda...if you use the hook for the agenda...and you use the remainder of the agenda for its allocated items (like credit cards, money etc) you have room to stick in a small bound address book inside and still zip it up? You know...any leather or H leather address book

    Thank you all!!!:flowers:
  2. The GM has two main slots on the front and back, mainly to be used as a holder for the address book that comes with the calendar insert
  3. Thank you pyrexia...I appreciate your help!
  4. Kellybag,
    here's a couple of pictures of my GM and Vision for your comparison.
    I believe this is the most common interior, you'll probably encounter.

    They are:
    Salvator Lizard
    in matte Rouge vif
    interior Boxcalf

    and GM
    Niloticus Lizard
    in Bleu Jean
    interior Chèvre Mysore


    The one side of the Vision has four diagonal slots, that can hold fine paperboard sheets,
    especially fitted for this style of Agenda.


  5. At one point there was a special interior without any hooks available in the Vision format.
    This was designed to only hold the Vision address- and phone book, which is slips into
    the interior pocket.

    Interior & Exterior
    made of black Box.

  6. Really appreciate the pics!!!^^

    How much do they each run in a zip style?
  7. I love my Vision II zip! It's about $1100 and has a zippered coin section on the inside, as well as several slots and sleeves for credit cards and currency. Instead of an agenda I use the hook for an H tablet of blank pages for notes, birthdays, reference, etc. I have a little separate calendar for keep track of appointments which does fit inside as well as a checkbook and miscellaneous receipts, cards, photos--it's plenty roomy. I did splurge on the little $200 pen and I can't count how many times that little pen has saved me. It's as comprehensive as a daytimer but much more compact.
  8. Much as I love to help with information, KB, I have zero knowledge of agendas.

    I have a feeling all about nice and orchids can offer loads of advice here. YooHOOO .... where are you?????
  9. OOOOOooo, Tenshi! These are amazing pieces! I have never seen lizard in agendas at my store before. Then again, I hardly look in that showcase.

  10. ^^OMG, Mrs S!! There are such treasures to be had in those cases!

    Tenshi, your agendas are so loved! They are fabulous!
  11. Tenshi, your agendas are great. :smile: Thanks for sharing your photos. :smile:
  12. LOL MrsS--sorry, I am in the same boat as KB here as she well knows. I currently have the Globetrotter and am looking to downsize.
  13. Here is the inside of my vision II.I don't know if a extra address book would fit.I think it could be possible, if it were thin enough? I know a thin one comes with the insert.This style does seem nice and roomy to me.:yes:
  14. UM, are the CC slots only in the vision zip? I have a vision II with the simple closure, no zip or pen loop and it has one hook and no cc slots. My mini vision zip has slots and a hook, too.

    Agendas reallly confuse me.
  15. Mine^^ measures 4 1/2 X 7 1/2 X 1inch thick