GM Shawl Passementerie

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I've done my searches on the threads and found out that members have the lovely Passementerie shawl in a few colorways. I am hopeful to see pictures posted of the remaining colorways, as I recall one in what I thought was a darker than natural background (a very warm beige) with some of the tassles in a warm (not bright) rose, possibly rose indienne?

    sorry i am not familiar with the proper color names and titles. but in addition to:


    does anyone have other Passementerie shawl colors?

    TIA :smile:
  2. have an orange and purple, love them!
  3. Here is a picture of my Passementerie in vieux rose/corail/violine...
  4. Laila : i have the black and it's so easy to use on any outfit !!
    i recall (Nov-Dec ish of 2008) having both the beige(?) and orange colourways. Perhaps you can check the stock online (US, UK and AUS)
  5. thank you so much tesi, LuxuryinWichita, and toscaong! I haven't seen the orange -- might you have a picture of yours, tesi? I've checked US and Europe and all Passementerie shawls are gone. I'll try AU next!
    thanks again for all the help ladies :tender:
  6. Congratulations!!!! Very nice shawl and of pink color... really need to get me one of those GM shawls.. :smile:
  7. will post picture of the orange once the teenagers get home-it is gorgeous, but i do like bright and bold. maybe that's why i'm now a redhead???
  8. here is the orange gm as promised;

    Attached Files:

  9. thank you so much tesi! it's gorgy! for my wardrobe, at this point i'm leaning toward the natural...
  10. What does the natural look like? I saw one yesterday @ the Dallas H.....the background was more of a oatmeal color with the tassels being in the pink colors. :confused1:
  11. Is the background color pink too?
  12. here's the natural colorway:

    Attached Files:

  13. Hmmm.... the one I saw had an oatmeal colored background w/pink tassels. Maybe the background color had a touch of pink like Wichita's.:confused1:
  14. that's the exact one i am looking for! how do i identify it? cuz it's neither colorway 04 nor 05. oh wow, maybe i should call Dallas???
  15. Laila....Did you get my pm? I gave you some info! CALL! Keep us posted!