GM, PM, and MM?

  1. What exactly do these suffixes mean?
  2. PM is Petit Model meaning small
    MM is Moyden Model meaning medium
    GM is Grande Model meaning large
    HL is Mini
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  3. Thanks!
  4. good to know.. i had no idea either! i just memorized that pm is the smaller bag and the gm is the larger but never knew what it stood for.
  5. Thanks amamxr, I wondered as well!!:smile:
  6. Thanks for the info! I was wondering if they stood for anything too.
  7. :yes:
  8. thanks for the info.
  9. nice.
  10. HL actually stands for Henri-Louis, LV's grandson if im not mistaken :yes: but yes, the Mini Sac HL is a mini Speedy.
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  11. Thanks! I was wondering that also! Good tidbit about the HL
  12. **TYPO: "MOYDEN" = moyen
  13. Thanks! It has been bugging me what they mean! :yahoo:
  14. The right French spelling is: grand modèle, modèle moyen, and grand modèle!
  15. thank you!!:tender: