GM Picotin in Bleu de Malte or Bleu Abysse?

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  1. I'm searching for the perfect casual blue bag: Thinking of a GM Picotin (Clemence) in either Bleu de Malte or Bleu Abysse (The Bleu de Prusse is not available.)

    I would have to order it without seeing it IRL. I see that there has been some discussions on these colors but....

    .... which do you think would be a better choice for a Picotin??:thinking:

    I'd love opinions please!
  2. i've seen a BA picotin before and it is GORGEOUS beyond words. i can imagine how beautiful a BDM will be as well.
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  4. ^^Thanks Ali-bagpuss

    I was able to find a Picotin pic in Bleu abysse on one of those threads, but would still love to see something in Clemence Bleu du Malte.

    Here's the Bleu Abysse :graucho:: (seems almost Navy?)
  5. i actually think a brighter color will suit a bag like Picotin much better, especially in a size such as GM.

    assuming that BdM is available for Picotin GM, i would pick BdM over BA! of course, if you can get your hands on a bicolor one, it will, imo, lends more "fun" to this very cute bag!
  6. Just bought a TGM Picotin in BDM Clemence. Will try to post this week....its a brighter shade than BA
  7. ^^Thanks for the post BagGoddess- I'd love to see!
  8. I vote for Bleu's soooooooo gorgeous!!
  9. What about BJ? It's currently on the H website and looks gorgeous!! I agree with the other poster who thought the Picotin looks great with a pop of colour. But whatever you choose, it's a gorgeous bag. I'd love to see the BDM as well.
  10. I tried on a BA Picotin GM and it was fantastic! I was so torn between that and Graphite and I finally chose the Graphite but it I still want BA eventually :yes:
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    Here it goes as promised, my new BDM TGM Picotin, bought 23 Sep 2010 from FSH Paris. Photo files are too big to upload here, so i put them on photobucket and here is the link:

    Hope this helps:smile: Pls note these are taken with flash on. Its nite time now for me and my room light is too dim to show up the actual blue, the actual blue in natural light is somewhat darker shade but brighter than BA as mentioned earlier.