GM or MM? Just returned Denim Neo Cabby GM in Black.

  1. I have been wanting this bag for a while, finally bought it at Saks, tried it at home, and returned the next day. First of all, the bag slips off the shoulder, and since it's not directly "under arm" it's hard to hold it in place. Very frustrating. I can't deal with a bag that constantly falls off. In addition, I thought it looks a bit different in person, lighter i would say. It does not look and feel like $1800 to me. Have also considered the smaller version MM, that one is cute, it seems more comfortable, since it's not as much of a "sack". However, it does not make as much statement as GM
    Wonder, which size is more popular ?
    Also, hope that helps anyone considering this bag.
  2. I actually bought the GM also and just returned it. I liked it, but didnt love it. If it was cheaper, like around $1000, I probably would have kept it. Way too expensive for what it is and I'm so afraid that in a couple months it will be even more faded and worn looking.
  3. Oh ya, I personally like the GM the best. I like bigger bags and I did like the fact that you could wear it messanger style.
  4. I'm afraid I love the GM. It holds everything I need to carry and I haven't had any strap trouble. My mom saw me using it during our vacation and loved it, but wanted a smaller one. So we got her the MM size for her birthday and she loves it.
    But LV makes tons of different handbags so everyone should be able to find something that they love.
  5. LOL ,i guess i'm just so used (all my bags are like that ) to having the bag right under my arm, so i can hug it and hold it, that this new arrangement of the bag being very low feels strange to me. I even thought to make additional holes in the strap to make it shorter, but then it will probably look weird, this huge bag, tucked under the arm :smile:
  6. well, if you put the short straps under you arm, then it will be like that, rather than using the long strap. And it does fit, because I tried it...and I'm not small.
  7. I bought the mm and returned it. When I got home I put all my stuff in it that I carry every day and it didn't fit...
  8. I love my Neo Cabby MM!
    I can fit a ton in it and it is the perfect size for me!
    I do wish the strap was longer so I could wear it messenger style, but the GM looked too big on me!