Gm Neverful Vs. Tivoli Gm

  1. I Have The Neverful Gm And Don't Really Like The Bag. I Was Thinking Of The Tivoli Gm As It Seems Structured. As I Have Not Seen The Bag Irl Is The Tivoli Gm Much Bigger Than The Nevergul Gm? Do You All Like It??
  2. The Tivoli GM is big, but I don't think it's as big as the Neverfull. And I know what you mean - I recently sold my Neverfull because something just seemed off about it. The Tivoli is structured, but also soft, if that makes sense. i think you should go for the Tivoli!
  3. I would take the tivoli gm. the neverfull gm is a bit too unstructured for me. in the neverfull the biggest I would go is mm.
  4. I think these two bags represent entirely different styles; the Tivoli is the more elegant bag, the Neverfull is casual. So I find it hard to compare the two, if I had to choose one of them, however, it would definitely be the Tivoli!
    Regina :smile:
  5. The neverfull GM is much bigger than the Tivoli GM. I have the Tivoli GM and I love it. It's my daily bag right now. I think it's so elegant and I'm always getting complements on it.
  6. Go for the Tivoli!!
  7. my vote goes for neverfull GM, i like the slouchiness
  8. Tivoli! I'm just not a fan of the neverfull. It's just another tote while the tivoli has such a great shape and character!
  9. I have the Neverfull GM but only use to carry the junk I need for work or as an overnight bag, I don't use it as a purse. I'd say for everday bag go with the Tivoli GM!
  10. The tivoli is lovely, can make the straps shorter for an handbag or longer for a shoulder bag. Also it has a zipper, as I put my bag down in the card and with an open top things always fall out
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