GM middle strap, decoritive or actually have to buckle it??

  1. so for that monogram purse....the GM with the middle strap vs...the PM that doesnt have the strap.

    On the GM do you have to unbuckle that every time you want to get in the purse or is it just a decoration and just snaps????

    i want to get either one of those purses...i like the GM better....but I must know before i buy it!!!!!!!!!!:cursing:
  2. I believe you're talking about the Manhattan...

    From what I've seen, you would have to buckle/unbuckle everytime you want to get in/out of the bag.
  3. blahhh sounds like a lot of trouble....and yes that is the one i talking about....thanks
  4. When I use my GM, I do this to the strap:
    GM strap.JPG
  5. sooo for quick and easy in and out you guys would suggest the PM??
  6. No, you don't have to buckle and unbuckle the strap everytime! I never ever unbuckle mine everytime I get my wallet out to pay for sth or when I take out my car keys, because the side openings are big enough for your hand to slide in! Plus the canvas is soft and not stiff at all, so it's easy to get in and out. Or you can just leave the strap unbuckled and let it hand loose in front if you happen to require a larger opening.

    Get the GM, the PM is much too small and that middle strap is gorgeous and eye-catching!!!
  7. That pic came to mind when I was typing!!! :P
  8. Yes, and it's a big pain! I don't think it looks good just flapping, but is a pain to open every time.
  9. how much smaller does the Gm look vs the PM side by side does anyone have a pic??
  10. I don't have a picture but the difference was pretty big when I tried them on at the boutique. Initially I had my mind set on the PM, but when the SA took the GM out of its dustbag I was in awe and it was instant love! However, I was afraid that the GM would be too big on me, and I was debating back and forth which one to buy. The SA told me that I could always exchange it within a month, so that I should try it on at home first for a few weeks and then make up my mind. Needless to say, I kept it until today and I love it more and more everyday!

    The PM is also a good size, but things might get cramped up in there if you're carrying lots of stuff. I don't regret having bought the GM as it's just so classy and unique-looking with the middle strap, the buckle and the buttons! I get lots of stares! :love:
  11. i agree! i think the opening with the buckle on is big enough unless you need to get a huge item out of the bag. :yes:

    i used to like the pm but it doesn't really look good on me. now i am drooling over the gm. can't wait to try it on next weekend when i go to the store! :tender:
  12. oooh by the way, i think Luccibag has both the manhattan pm and gm. do a search and you should find pictures of her wearing each one! you can compare that way. :yes:
  13. Agreed. I use my GM every day and never open the strap...I unzip the side and I have lots of room to get at my things. I too looked at the PM and it was nice but I fell in love with the GM.
  14. thanks sma11cat that helped a lot. I wanted to get the PM for my bfs mother for x-mas....hes like this 5'2" petite little lady...i think the GM would be a whole lotta bag for her. I was thinking about getting the GM for me but looking at the demensions idk if it would be a bit much...i dont think id really want anything longer than the speedy 30 i have. Which is something like 12 inches and the Gm is something like 14 or 15" Im 5'6" and 125lbs i think maybe the gm would be a whole lotta bag for me there anyone out there that is about the same size as me that has either of these bags...sorry normally i wouldnt be so crazy about this kind of thing but just because it is one of the more expensive ones(and im in my early 20s and dont work) and i cant go to an LV and try one on unless i go outta state. so thanks to everyone that posted.
  15. When I had this bag I used to just tuck the strap behind the buckle so it still looked sorta closed but I didn't have to keep unbuckling.

    Also, if you're just reaching in for a phone, wallet, etc. then you can unzip the bag halfway without having to unbuckle it.