GM - Hudson / Manhattan / Baggy ... help me!!

  1. so.... i sent back the fuchia denim Baggy PM (and long strap, it was too small for my + baby stuff)and then got Hudson GM instead. i'm looking at it right now, i love it :heart: and i love the messanger style with hands free factor --- but more time i spend here @tPF, i'm thinking real hard maybe i should get Manhattan GM instead? i got it at eluxury so i have little more time to change my mind. i had already spent the 1500....
    but i already miss my maybe i can get GM?! :shrugs: and yes, i'm sticking with those koala pockets! *unless someone has FAB suggestion!*

    then again, i could get two bags for that price.... :idea: but i try not think of it as an option right now.

    since i have a baby and i need my both hands all the time! :cutesy: i hold her alot and i know very soon, i'd be chasing her....

    i took my MC w speedy for a spin with my bebe on the stroller, and of course she ended up on my shoulder. so my friend's little girl was pushing the stroller with my bag in the bottom busket --- every time we stop, she'd put her foot on it :wtf: knowing she wasn't suppose to 'touch' the louis.... it was so upsetting!!:mad: she dag her nose and touched it too.....

    so, to avoid all the harm to my louis, no hand-held bags. messenger bag or shoulder bag only which i can be with ALL THE TIME!
    is anybody here who has Hudson GM as well?! i think i just want to hear someone else (than my hubby who was forced to tell me so!:graucho: ) to tell me it's a beautiful and cool looking bag! then i'm back to thinking...maybe i should (back to top!). it's late and can't decide, can't stop thinking about it, and can't sleep.....:wacko:
  2. i like the baggy! :smile: :heart:
  3. I love the baggy GM and the manhattan GM. I have them both.

    Can you post pics of your Hudson for us??
  4. here it is..... thank you for the help!! :flowers: :tender:
    e2f38ea6.jpg img10162104702a.jpg
  5. i like the Manhattan GM the most. it's on my list of bags to get :yes:!
  6. I think the Hudson GM is beautiful and fits well into what you need. The Manhattan GM won't work the same, I have the Marc Jacobs Venetia (same style) and it gets heavy and bulky and hard to carry on one shoulder all the time (as it's not truly meant to be a shoulder bag..) and then there's the strap and buckle that kind of in the way when you have a lot going on... since it sounds like you're going to need to have a lot in the bag and a lot going on while using it, it's nice to have the single longer strap that you may even be able to put across your body if you have to. I like it, I think you made the right choice!
  7. Plus think about the hands free factor of the Hudson and you will probably be able to access items in the bag without having to stop, take the bag of your shoulder, etc, etc, etc......believe me, I put A LOT of thought into bags I buy and the reasons I buy them, if I was in your situation I'd be looking into the the Hudson, or just using my Damier Broadway.
  8. I like the Manhattan GM the most, but its probably the least practical for a mother. So the Hudson GM will probably work the best
  9. aww, Lola, thank you!:heart: you're so awesome!! :tender:
    and i believe you, i put A LOT of thought into bags too!

    well most the baby stuff i carry are a few diapers and backup dress....that's about it. so the bag doesn't have to be huge. and thanks again, i love your comments!! :love:

    and thank you all too!:flowers:
  10. It's looks adorable on! I think it's the perfect mix of fashion and function and suits your current situation. I don't have any children and sometimes I don't want to walk around or go shopping without a good shoulder strap bag.
  11. i think the hudson looks great on you sophia.. and i agree with what lola said...
  12. same here! :yes:
  13. I'd say either the Hudson or the Baggy. The Manhattan is nice, but I don't think it's comfortable on the shoulder for a loooooooooong time.
    I own the Hudson PM and the Denim Speedy and personally I prefer the softer fabric of my Speedy.
  14. i just love your bag.. its gorgeous! and in my opinion its the best choice! congratulation!
  15. I think Manhattan GM is big enough but may be too heavy if you have to carry the bag AND the baby in your hands (but you can always do what Uma did in the pics below and either put it on your shoulder or hang it on the stroller). Here are the pics of other mommies with Manhattan GM and Baggy GM:
    sdcu39.jpg sdcuvc.jpg denise27rr.jpg