GM Agenda

  1. I have been drooling over your GM agendas and have decided that it's time to get one! I am very used to my Filofax mini and wondered if the GM will fit both a calender insert and a address book insert? Thanks:heart:
  2. yes it's possible. :yes:

    You have the GM with 2 hooks, so you can put inside your calendar refill, in the 2nd one , you can put an adress book.
    Or take the GM simple, you have always in the calendar refill a small adress book. :flowers:
  3. Thank you so much for the information Specialistparis. Are the GM simple and the GM with two hooks widely available? I think I will opt for the one with two hooks. Is this agenda called anything particular or just GM with 2 hooks? Thank you once again:flowers:
  4. I think so for the availability. You can say simply say : GM with 2 hooks. In french : " agenda GM avec 2 épingles". :flowers:
  5. I called my SA and he said that he had not heard of a GM with two hooks:sad: but he has put a GM zip and no zip aside for me so I am going to go in and have a look. He said that I would be able to slide an address book into the flap, I'll wait and see how that works out. Thanks for your help:flowers:
  6. You SA never heard about it???? :roflmfao: wow you SA must be lost in space ...
    so it's right, that you can slide a adress book but it will not very nice.
    The GM zip is very pratical. but it's more expensive....

    A votre service :flowers:
  7. My SA called me back and says that they only did the 2 hook option in Europe:crybaby: , not available in the US. I will look at the single one next week when I go in. Do you know if Paris will charge-send?:flowers:
  8. I have the gm zip and love it! There is a larger one on e-bay (can't think of the name) in raisin that has 2 hooks but it is large -- I love the zip one - did I say that??!!! LZ has a cyclamen one on e-bay now (which would match my zip wallet)'s pretty! I'm going to Boston on Sat. and am going to buy the pen that goes inside....
  9. Do you have space for an address book in your GM zip?
  10. rose -- luxury-zurich has a few large agendas w/2 hooks (no zip), including a LOVELY one in bleu sapphir ostrich (yum)

  11. OK, I think I've got to the bottom of this! I called Paris and spoke to the most lovely SA. She said that they do have the GM with two hooks but it's was not produced in cyclamen but violet which is very close. They have both the zip and the no zip version in violet. They will do a ship charge to me. I think at this point I will first go and have a look at the single GM to see if it works for me and also have a look at the leather book at the difference between cyclamen and violet....... can't get to Hermes before next monday.
  12. Thanks- the ostrich one is TDF! I do need a smaller one though....
  13. Ordered it:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: and I am now on a Hermes ban....well after I pick up my tweedee :shame: on Monday.........

    Here are some pics of my agenda, posing :love: , before she was put on a flight to the US:
    3939_r.jpg 3939.jpg
  14. Congrats, Rose! Great choice! That colour is delish!!!

    ETA: oops, forgot something.. It's great Paris will charge-send. Do you know which CCs they accept? Only Amex or are Visa / Mastercard ok too?
  15. All the Chanel stores i called in Europe (Paris, London, Manchester, Glasgow) said that they would take all cards. I got mine through after a friendly tip from a fellow PFer.