GM agenda

  1. Can someone let me know what the pricing is on a GM agenda and what refills are available and how much they are? Thanks I know it's a lot of questions...But I just am in love with the small accessories thread and I have to get some..:heart::heart:
  2. Vision II US$1150 Refill (w/Japanese) US$120
  3. Thanks Asa..what's a refill with Japanese? And do I need something for both is that 120 each?
  4. The calendar takes up enough room that I wouldn't add anything else. I tuck the address book into one of the pockets. The Japanese part is that everything on the calendar is listed in English and Japanese characters. I think it's @$95 if only English, but they didn't have that when I was there, so I bought the English + Japanese. Hope this helps.
  5. The Vision II generally has just one pin. I read somewhere that some agendas overseas have 2. Two tablets would make it pretty full and heavy.