glycolic peels?

  1. Anyone tried the at-home glycolic peels? Or, for that matter, had one done professionally?

    I've been using the 10% solution a couple times a week for awhile and I think it's been helping -- both w/ acne and getting smoother, less wrinkly skin. But I decided to step it up and tried a 40% gel tonight. Wow, you could definitely feel it working. I don't know how the results will be yet though, since you need to see over time.

    Any experiences to share? :smile:
  2. Be careful. If you don't do it properly, things like retinol and glycolic acid work by a combination of dissolving skin and weakening the bonds between the epidermis and the dermis. That could lead to worse problems... down the road!

    Good luck!
  3. Yep, I've had them done professionally and do them at home. I use a home kit and have been getting great results. I have very sensitive skin and use 10% once a week at home. However, I'm also on a very mild retinoid at night and alpha hydroxy acid in the morning, so I do have to be more careful than the average person. So, I wouldn't even attempt 40% on myself. My advice is to use the peel at night as it can leave you sensitive to the sun, so don't use it before you go out. Also, always use sunscreen.
  4. :shocked: ack, where did you hear this? Isn't retinol the basic ingredient in most wrinkle fighters -- a form of vitamin A similar to prescription retin A?

    Do you know of any treatments (or guidelines for using glycolic acid) that are less dangerous?

    Thanks for the warning.

    Btw, I always use sunscreen on my face now (as a former tanaholic, I have repented!).
  5. What at home peels do you use (brands)?
  6. My advice is to use the glycolic peels at a lower percentage and less frequently if skin atrophy is a concern. Skin atrophy is thinning of the skin, BTW.
  7. I have had light glycolic peels done professionally and have been using Tretinoin and Glyderm (12% Lotion Lite) at home for years. I like being able to control the process and tailor it to what my skin needs.
  8. Are these glycolic peels perscription or can you buy from a store? I have been thinking of doing something. I use the Nuetrogena peel and feel my skin is looking better but want a lotion for night.
    A friend got something from her dermatologist that was some kind of peel--she used the lotion and her skin got very red and flaked off and the results after that were baby smooth skin. I am not sure what she used but she looked bad for a few days and then the next week she had great skin. I think something that drastic would freak me out but there has to be some good products out there. Problem is every doctor seems to push there own thing---so who knows what really works?
  9. I don't know what to think. I used to just use the L'Oreal glycolic peel which is 10% and it really did seem to make my skin clearer and smoother. Gloss Gal, I ordered the stronger stuff on-line. It's available a bunch of places -- if this one ends up working well, I'll post it for you:smile:

    The 40% I used last night did indeed irritate my skin. But I sort of thought that meant it was working -- like when you get it done professionally. The irritation was not bad...but the area on the tops of my cheekbones, right below my eyes was red (as if it were sunburned) all evening, and is still just a bit irritated today.

    Is thinning of the skin irreperable? It just seems like almost all of the professional processes involve "exfoliation" and removing layers of skin -- dermabrasion, laser peels, chem peels...and in a less invasive way, even retin A and AHAs are supposed to promote skin turnover. Will it turn out that this is all terrible for our skin? Ack!

    Wow, I'm confused.
  10. MandM, like everything in life, glycolic peels are best done in moderation. I wouldn't go past 40% if you experienced mild irritation last night and would also recommend using it with less frequency. If you overuse it, skin atrophy is a problem.
  11. Thanks for all of these warnings and the information! I hadn't been aware of any dangers, so will be more careful now. Otherwise, I'd have been looking like samantha on SATC after her peel:smile: