glycolic peel under the age of 30?

  1. So I got this glycolid peel weeks ago for my feet. (It was a pedicure tip I got from another forum, it really works). but or the past few days I realised my skin is really grotty - dull dry lifeless and darker than the rest of me.

    Face scrubs and masks were doing nothing so I went for the peel instead. After one application, I can see a slight improvement. The skin looks a bit brightter and less rough. it's not a placebo effect because I keep catching mylself in the mirror and noticing.

    So if I carry on this treatment for the rest of the month (every three days as prescribed.) Will I do any damage considering I'm 28, and have no wrinkes to speak of? I would get microdermabrasion but I can't afford it this month.

    Oh, and I am changing from the inside in terms of water, veggies and activity but the condition of my skin is getting me down!