Glycolic acid peel: what to expect?


Mar 17, 2008
So, I have an appointment for a massage tomorrow at my day spa (X-mas gift from hubby, and I've had the week from hell, so I NEED it!) and decided to add on a glycolic acid treatment for my face. I have mild acne, am using ProActiv with pretty decent results, but I have some scars and general uneven skin tone. I've never had one of these before. What can I expect? Also, the aesthetician says it's best to get them done in a series, once a week for 5-6 weeks. Have you guys found that to be effective? Will I still get some improvement with just one treatment?



Apr 9, 2006
Hi - I went through a series of these (10 all up) and I found that after the 3rd visit I noticed a difference in my skin, I don't think you will notice much in only 1 visit, the first few days after your skin feels great. I have noticed now that I have finished my course that my skin is brighter and my pigmentation has faded.

There is upkeep that is required at home with AHA products to get full benefit and you have to be regimented with using the products. Make sure that you use sunscreen, as the treatments do make your skin photosensitive.


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Apr 8, 2007
I did a series of 10 as well, and went once every 3 weeks. I did the lactic peels (a form of glycolic), and feel that they helped the texture and tone of my skin greatly. The peels helped with pigmentation from prior acne and also sunspots. My skin was soft, smooth, bright, and glowing. I think that about 1-2 weeks after your initial peel, you will notice softer skin and maybe some pigmentation will be a little lighter. But, try the one time to see how your skin tolerates the glycolic before committing to a series.

Like laloki said, I did maintain my skin with at home glycolic-based products recommended by the dermatologist including SPF 30 for the daytime.

I am planning to do a few this fall/winter to give my skin a boost!

Good Luck!