Glycerine soap and cleaning leather

  1. Just a quick word on the glycerine soap that seems to be highly sought after.
    What Hermes sells is in fact simple saddle soap, which you will find in any tack shop (shop that sells horsey goods), so you don't have to search high and low for the Hermes soap to clean your bag. Also, if you buy in a tack shop, it's much, much, much cheaper and honestly the same. Just make sure you get the clear bar. There is also some yellow stuff but that is not so advisable.

    Another word on cleaning with that soap: It is generally advised to not produce foam with that soap. If you produce foam, then your sponge is too wet. What you do is that you wet the soap, not the sponge and then rub the sponge on the soap and then on the bag. Should there be any white residue on the seams from the soap, you can use a toothpick or toothbrush to get it off.

    Claudia (who has cleaned a lot of tack:yes: )
  2. Thank you for the information. Do you know what is in the composition of that soap, precisely?
  3. I will look it up for you!

  4. Thank you :flowers:
  5. I am having trouble finding the Dicon Leather Cleaner now...anyone know where I can locate? Did some searching, but have come up empty.
  6. I have use this soap but mainly to clean my non-Hermès bags. I put some information before on the Hermès Informative Catalog thread:

    The Hermes soap that is used to clean saddles is very good in cleaning leather.

    The official name is "Pain de Savon Glycerine" or "Savon H a la Glycerine" (Sodium Soap in English). It says that it is made out of fatty acids of animal. It's about 14cm long and rectangular/square in shape. It's like a transparent beige/yellow similar to the Neutrogena soap.
  7. Yes, it's normal saddle soap. As I said, you can get it in any tack shop. I will look up tomorrow when I go back to the barn what exactly are the ingredients of my saddle soap.

    Most saddle makers brand their saddle soaps, but they are all the same. It's a different story with saddle greases and oils though.

  8. Thank you, Claudia, for the info!
  9. My SA just said to get the Coach bag cleaner...she said that was what uses herself.
  10. Thanks Claudia!
  11. Perja - according to my Hermès saddle soap that I have, it is composed of fatty acids of animals. But I think there's probably other stuff in there.