Glycerin as a moisturizer?

  1. Has anyone tried using glycerin mixed with water as a moisturizer? I've heard good things about this, and just picked up a bottle of glycerin from Whole Foods. I've used it one time and so far, so good! For reference, I have dry, sensitive skin & I've been having trouble finding a moisturizer that will not break me out.

    Has anyone else tried glycerin + water as a moisturizer?
  2. i haven't tried it myself but there are fifty something reviews of glycerin as a moisturizer on it's a great resource and the reviewers discuss both how it worked for them and different ingredients that they've tried mixing it with, so it should be very helpful :tup:.
  3. what does glycerin do for the skin?
  4. I *think* glycerin is sort of like petroleum jelly. Haven't tried it as a face moisturizer, but works great for chapped lips!
  5. ^^yeah, I use to use it to make my own lipbalms.
  6. As far as I know, there's a cream in Japan that's pretty much made of glycerin (or at least that's how it's been marketed).

    I love it. It's the only thing that keeps my eczema in check without being greasy.

    OH by the way it's not an eczema cream, it's just very moisturising which is what eczema needs. I've not found a cream as moisturising as this.

    I'm also not trying to sell the cream to you, I'm just saying I think glycerin would be good for the skin because this cream seem to be made of it. - a better link


    I can stop buying cartons every time I go to Japan!

    Sorry.. i'm getting a bit excited... um.. let me just... stop typing right now.
  7. Glycerin is occured naturally during the process of cold-processed soapmaking. Soap companies normally extract glycerin from soaps and sell separately to gain more profit. Therefore, soap bars we see in the stores have little or no glycerin. It's why our skin feel dry since there is no glycerin in soap to moisturize and balance our skin.
    To test if there is any glycerin in soap bars is dropping a bar of soap on the hard floor such as a bathtub and notice if there is a dent on it or not. If there is dent visibly, it means the soap has some glycerin. Soap without glycerin will be hard and it is more likely to crack. Try to use handmade cold-processed soaps, if you would like to reap the benefit of glycerin.
    However, pure glycerin is not that expensive and it can be very good non-greasy moisturizer when blends with aloe vera gel (plus lavender essential oil). I used it for toner. After use it, I keep it in the fridge. Pure glycerin will make skin feel sticky though.
  8. Glycerin is usually the 2nd or 3rd ingredient on most of the good moisturizer anyway, so why not?