* Gluten Free/Coeliac Ladies *

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  1. Hi!

    I was just wondering if any of you ladies also suffer with an intolerance to wheat? If so, I thought maybe a little place to call our own chat spot could be useful to share recipes, tips and general chit chat :smile:
  2. I dont usually browse this section of TPF so I just saw your post! I am extremely sensitive to gluten (not just wheat) I cant even have the smallest bit. Its so bad that I will not even eat out. Many of my relatives have been diagnosed with Celiac. I did not want to be scoped but I have been 100% GF for over 6 years.
  3. Awful! :sad: how do you find your eating habits are different from others then? Would you eat a lot of GF products, or steer clear and opt for a paleo sort of diet?
  4. I ate lots of meat (chicken, fish, turkey..) rice, potatoes, fruit, almond butter, and I really like brown rice pasta. I had to go out and buy new seasoning though, the spice mixes we had were not GF. I had good luck finding good GF bread. I only buy UDIs bread when I do. I keep it in the fridge. I like baking so I make banana bread a lot with almond flour and brown rice flour.

    Until recently I lived in a small city, and there were several restaurants that offered gluten free food. If you asked about it the owner would come talk to you and they REALLY understood (they would only have a manager prepare GF foods and had separate prep tables, all that). I did not realize how rare it was until I moved across the country to Southern California, where Its only chain restaurants, and being Gluten Free is some huge fad diet. Its hard to explain to people why I cant eat out at all, when every single place has a sign that says "gluten free menu!" They think I'm being a brat or crazy. All of these chains and fast food type places might have GF rolls, pizza crusts, but there are bread crumbs/ flour on prep tables, utensils, spoons, ecet. I really tried to be "normal" and eat out a few times after moving here (trying to make new friends and not be "weird") . I got lucky the first 3 times, and the 4th I got really, really sick. I ended up going to the hospital.

    I think its great if some people choose to eat a certain way because they feel better doing it, even gluten free if they dont "have to". However, its really hard to deal with constantly having people get mad because you wont eat when we stop for food because they "know another person who eats GF ,but when they eat gluten they are fine, so its in my head". I wish most people did NOT know what GF was. This "fad" is making GF seem like a huge joke and I find myself hiding having to be gluten free from people (saying I already ate with no reason behind it, or that i dont feel good). I always keep GF bars and almonds in my purse and eat before I head out for the day along with always packing a lunch. I'm more than happy to go to restaurants with people and just grab a tea or something to drink. I dont expect people to have things I can eat, or understand, but I wish people would at least respect me enough to not tell me I'm making it up and I'm being difficult of purpose. Sorry this was so long, Its been a hard thing since I moved.

    So, did you just recently find out you have to go gluten free?
  5. I agree so much peer pressure
  6. Have you ever tried gluten free sushi? It is delicious and healthy. I usually have it at my favorite sushi bar.
  7. Yay! Glad to find a celiac board! Anymore on tpf?
  8. One of the girls at my work tries to eat gluten free.. She gets really bad stomach bloating when she doesn't. She buys a bunch of snacks from my business that are gluten free and she says she feels so much better when she doesn't eat gluren.

  9. I totally understand :hugs:

    I only learned about Gluten about 2 yrs ago when I was working with someone who saw how badly I suffered with allergies and migraines. She began telling me how she was just like me at one point and then found out she has celiac disease. She completely cut out the gluten and every since she has been fine. It's been I think 10+ years for her. I am still trying to get use to cooking without gluten and you are right just like MSG it is in almost EVERYTHING, which makes eating out impossible for someone who suffers badly with a gluten allergy.

    I really like pasta but the GF pastas I have found don't taste so good and I tried making my own bread once and it was not good at all :nogood:
  10. I have celiac disease too along with ulcerative colitis. My diet is extremely limited in what I can eat, but it beats the heck out of being as sick as I was. I was so bad that I was hospitalized 6 times for about a week each time in 2013. I was diagnosed with my ulcerative colitis in 2012. It wasn't until my dr decided to test me on a whim mid 2013 that I was diagnosed with celiac. Very rare to have both diseases. But leave it to me!! My love for handbags kept my mind off some of the worst days I suffered :smile: Gotta love em!! If any one needs help, just PM me. I'm not an expert as I've been gluten free for a year and a half and it's helped tremendously.

    I'm still learning new recipes and such. I read gluten free magazines as well.
  11. I have been allergy tested and told to avoid wheat, dairy and a few others. My tummy is much happier if i avoid these foods.

    My dad has Coeliacs and my mum has Crohns so by default i think i will have a few issues!!!
  12. I agree, people think its a fad diet and nothing will happen if you eat gluten but if you told them you have a peanut allergy they would react differently. Im sorry you get treated this way, and also you are so sensitive you can get hospitalised. Until someone has had tummy issues, i dont think they understand how debilitating it can be.
  13. Thanks for starting the thread. I think it is so important for people to know it is not a fad for some of us. Would love to hear about some favorite recipes. Also for restaurants that ask if it is a diet issue I just slap the Epi pen on the table and that is usually the end of that.:lol:

  14. I have UC and celiac too (+ lactose intolerant, ugh :wacko:). I feel your pain! :hugs:

    Fortunately I'm not particularly sensitive to most things with gluten and lactose, but I wanted to comment because I don't think I've met anyone with both ailments as well.

    I'm more sensitive to GF products because the sugar in them makes me feel awful.

  15. Isn't that the truth!