Gluten free and dairy free diet: health benefits?

  1. Random question here...

    After spending time with my bro, SIL and their 3 kids over the holidays (3 amazing kids age 4 and under!) I got to experience their amazing lifestyle (3 young kids = wow!).

    What's even more interesting is that all 3 seem to have a wheat intolerance issue, and my SIL a dairy intolerance issue on top of that. This was after much drama last year with my eldest nephew in the hospital due to GI issues... So, the entire family has adopted a dairy free and gluten free lifestyle, which means lots of fun trips to Whole Foods in aisles I've never been before such as rice milk, rice pasta, special baby food for my youngest nephew, etc [Auntie pursegrrl got to go grocery shopping this weekend with bro, SIL and the kids as well as enjoy their lunches and dinners!]

    So I'm wondering, for those who may know, if there are any health benefits to this type of diet for those who DON'T need it out of necessity?
  2. I've read a bit about these diets because my niece is intolerant of gluten and dairy--she eats that special baby food as well. Some of the reported benefits are less sinus/nasal problems, clearer skin and less skin irritations, less lethargic, less bloating. I haven't tried to follow it myself.

    But, props to your bro and his family--it takes MAJOR COMMITTMENT to follow that lifestyle!
  3. ^^ thanks, Alexis! Their life is already on turbo with 3 little ones, but this special diet is way above and beyond. Wheat and dairy are two of our most fundamental food ingredients...

    I might try it just for kicks and see if it makes any difference...I don't have any allergies or sinus or bloating problems but who knows?
  4. When I took dairy out of my diet, I noticed an immediate weight loss of several pounds. This was interesting to me because I've always heard that calcium promotes weight loss. I'm a research assistant at school so I didn't forget that there is always the possibility that there might be a third factor I'm forgetting-- however, after two weeks with my little experiment, I've concluded that avoiding dairy helps me lose weight. I'm not sure if you are looking to lose a couple pounds or not but if you are, I thought this information might be of interest to you! I've read several vegan books that imply that our bodies can't digest dairy very well, but I'm not so sure how accurate that statement is.
  5. I've heard this too...and I wonder if I could find a good substitute as I'm such a cheese freak. A scoop of low fat cottage cheese plus a small wedge of brie in the morning and I am happy with no hunger pangs until dinner, seriously! But I wonder how healthy that is. I do take OTC vitamins. I wonder how much calcium I would miss out by cutting out dairy? How do you get enough calcium on a dairy free diet? :shrugs::girlsigh:
  6. Pursegrrl: You can still be a cheese freak and be dairy-free. I became lactose intolerant last year and I am a milk pig... now I eat soy or sheep yogurt. Whole Foods and other stores offer a ton of different sheep and goat cheeses. I think they're a lot better.

    Just like cutting anything else from your diet (meat,fish etc..) you have to be aware of what main nutrition such as calcium you are missing by doing so.