Food Gluten/egg/sugar free but delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe! :)

Oct 24, 2006
I just found this recipe and tried was so easy and came out great! I love chocolate chip cookies and these are as good as the gluten versions in my it and the fact that it uses no eggs and agave for sweetener! I've been experimenting with almond flour the past few days (gluten sensitivity) and have made scones and now these cookies..yum! The one thing that I've found is that its best to let them stay on the cookie sheet to cool and firm up when you pull them out of the oven..they are pretty soft and crumbly at first but once they cool off and "set", they are crispy at the edges and chewy throughout...yum!

Mrs. SR

very grateful
Jul 27, 2009
glamourgirlpink I loooove Elana Amsterdam's website and cookbook. I've not tried the chocolate chip cookies yet, but I have made her gluten free brownies-- which use almond butter instead of flour-- dozens of times. Yum. *the brownie ingredients do include eggs*


Jan 29, 2016
I just wanted to write something so that this thread will be displayed in my news. So far the recipes look amazing! Can't wait to bake the cookies.