glued to the computer....

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  1. TPF is taking over my life! I come home, turn on the computer, and sit here for hours and hours looking at all the LV comments! I'm obsessed! (Or, I'm looking at eluxury and LV websites!) Help me, please!!! :confused1:
  2. Oh I'm the same way here at home over break - no one is around during the day so I spend my days here (or at the designer jean forums... oi vey!)
  3. Yeah, I really wish I could help ya but I have the same problem! LMAO! :roflmfao:
  4. LOL I am addicted as well!!
  5. I just realized that I have freaking over 2,000 posts and have only been on here since September! I have issues...
  6. You have a serious problem!!! Run away as far as you can from LV!!! LOL Ok, I was just kidding.... you can never escape your LV addiction!!! It's sad....we are all in this same situation! :rolleyes:
  7. We all pretty much have this problem! :lol:
  8. We all have the same problem! This forum has a spell on me!
  9. Ditto...
  10. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: yup

    I got lots of things done for Christmas when the website was down.
  11. omg! i have the same problem. when i get to work...i go to tpf right away....i think i spend more time here than working lol!
  12. LOL Seriously! HEE HEE I wish the site would go down so I could get some stuff done (No I don't- I can't lose MY PRECIOUS, MY PRECIOUS :wtf: ). LOL I get up and am on here right away and throughout the entire day until I go to bed. The worst part is I still don't feel like I make it through all the posts!
  13. I agree! I LOVE TPF. When I'm at school, I rush down to the computer lab after class to go on.. at work.. I'm ALWAYS ON.. (I multi-task). At the SO's house, one time his internet was down, I made an excuse to go home just to go on PF!!! When my SO calls me after work, I always gush about what is being talked about on PF.. He thinks I'm nuts seriously... My friends too.. they think I'm a bag phsyco. :roflmfao:
  14. Yes, this forum is extremely addicting... what I love about this place is that everyone is so friendly, and encouraging when it comes to our love for higher end bags. Most of my friends just don't understand my obsession.

    Ever since joining, I also find myself looking at ebay and elux or a lot more often... i spend so much time on anything LV related!
  15. Yeah people like that are wierd! LOL! :roflmfao: