Glued Edges (Update pg. 2)

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  1. Can't wait to see it LL....I hope you like the contrast. My turquoise Chiara was matching.
    I think contrast may look very nice if it compliments the leather color.
  2. Thanks for the update LL. I'm not feeling the lavender with the Royal. I have to email Maria ASAP.
  3. When I placed my order for the GIB Francis, I asked Maria to make sure everything matched and didn't contrast. I wonder if that is why mine is close in color and others are not??
  4. ^^^Axtually MorningGlory...I did the same thing. I stressed to MAria that I wanted matching zippers, etc, and NO contrast stitching...maybe that helped.
  5. I did ask for no contrast stitching, but didn't even think about seam paint or zippers. Hmmmm...
  6. I failed kindergarten arts & crafts.... me reapplying would not be an improvement :P
  7. ^^Same here. I suck at that stuff. My Ormala is beaten by books all winter, and I need to patch some places (my fault, not the bags). I truly hesistate, which makes the Frankenbag thing all the more exciting, no?
  8. I received a reply from Maria regarding edges being cut/painted vs. folded sewn. She allowed me to post her response up here

    She's like our input so please email her on your preference...

    "I spoke to our production team and designer at length about this. In terms of the production they said for them it's not more costly/time consumming to do one way or the other. Yet apparently the whole pattern of the design would need to be adjusted, ie, as if a new design is created even if in terms of the look, the design would almost be the same.

    My designer said for some designs she thought the way the Ormala / Sofia range, etc is done (cut and painted rather than folded and sewn) was more neat, and some had to do with the particular design/construction of the bag.

    I will discuss this a bit more with Ignacio and the production team. As for future bags, it's a matter of deciding if moving forward all the Mini Ormala / Ormala's etc would be cut & sewn, as the pattern would need to change (which is a longer process). There are advantages and disadvantages as I understood. I will come back to you yet if you have more feedback on this from others, do send them my way or they can email me directly, no problem

    I responded that I personally had a strong preference for folded/sewn, and I think it makes the final product looks more finished.

    So please weigh in w Maria if you have an opinion either way on the subject!