Glued Edges (Update pg. 2)

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  1. First off I want to say I really love my first Ignes. The leather is AMAZING! I really like the style, well designed. The hardware is really appealing.

    I don't want to come off as super negative or picky, especially since Maria has been really wonderful the MANY time we've communicated, but there is one aspect of my new Mini O that I'm happy with at all.

    The glue sealed edges are a completely different color and not super neatly applied either. It's very noticeable, my coworker noticed it as I was unpacking it. I'm nervous also, because I have three bags on order. I'm most concerned about a fullsize Ormala, in two different purples, potentially hard to match?

    Can I get your guy's opinion on this? How does this bag compare to the ones you have? Anyone had the same issue?

    I feel like I should contact Maria about this, but I want it to be constructive feedback, not as complaining. Do you think it matters I purchased it from AsterAlice?

  2. I looked at some of my other bags for reference and most have folded and sewed edges. Is anyone familiar with handbag construction that they know why Ignes would glue instead of folding and sewing?


    Gianni Chiarini (retailed for $250)
  3. My Virginia and Millie are folded and sewn. Ormala and Mini Ormala, not. Don't know why.

    The color on my seam paint is great on both my Os, but I can see the GIB was hard to match. I don't think it's an issue that it is an AsterAlice bag. Check with Maria on seam paint color if you are concerned. She'll be helpful.
  4. The edges on my tinted wine mini ormala looks pretty much like yours,too, just not that big of a difference in color. RM has changed her handles recently to folded ones as well. I think if Ignes can improve this and make the handles and the edges folded, the bags will look much better.

    I kind of look at it as a "handmade" bag, and try not to be picky about it.
  5. The glued edges have been an issue on some of the bags. sometimes it is neat and matches perfectly. Other times it is sloppy and really contrasts.

    I agree with everyone else that it would be better for them to fold the edges over instead of sealing them-- although there are several designer brands that do seal instead of folding.

    Your pics show a big contrast to me and irl, it would bother me.

    As far as your bags on order, I have a royal purple mini ormala coming tomorrow so I should be able to let you know how the edging will look on that.
  6. The color contrast is bothersome from your pictures. I had to go and look at the handles on my Francis to make sure I hadn't missed it on mine, but the seams match fairly close on mine. The seal is a tad darker on mine but definitely not that noticeable. I really wish they would consider learning how to seal the seams on the handles like LV has done on their epi line, but then I imagine that would increase the cost dramatically.

    I would at least contact Maria about your bags on order and double check that the seaming will match well.
  7. OT: This thread raising the interesting creative concept of contrasting seam paint on purpose...if one wants. You know, hot pink bag with orange seam paint for a fun contrast that isn't TOO obvious.
  8. I didn't quite get what you were getting at until the pictures. I agree that the seams don't match up perfectly with the leather, but is it that noticeable when you take in the bag as a whole? I don't think any of my bags have such a contrast on edging, but I'll have to look to be sure. I don't like stark contrast, so this would be an issue for me.

    Hope it isn't bothersome enough to keep you from using such a lovely bag.
  9. Sealed (rolled) handles in general don't bother me, but I do agree that the contrast with the sealant on your bag is a bit too drastic, particularly since it's clearly visible on the outside. If you feel strongly about it, you should email Maria and let her know your feedback, IMHO, regardless of where this bag was bought from. It should at least match better, or if not, maybe they could look into using a clear sealant. (I have one bag that has a semi-clear sealant for its rolled handles.) Definitely check with Maria and make sure that your orders will have matching sealant (if any) too.

    If Ignes can figure out a way to fold and sew the rolled handles, that would definitely look better, IMHO. The RM change was recent, like tejava said, as prior to this, RM was sealing handles with a glue-like sealant too. (Before that, they weren't even using any sealant and leaving the unfinished raw edges of the leather exposed instead.)

    As for straight/flat edges (as with the top edge of a bag, or with a flat strap), Ignes seems to vary between sealing (like in the Ormala and Sofia) and folding and sewing (Gabrielle, Virginia, and others). For the Sofia, I can understand it may be difficult to fold and sew the top edge due to the pleating detail (the middle portion ends up thicker, I think), but I think the Ormala could definitely be improved by folding and sewing the edge instead. For other strap details as well, folding and sewing would look better and more consistent, IMHO. The Gabrielle's vertical straps, for instance, have sealant on the edges instead of being folded in. I'm not sure if the Petra might be the same way.
  10. LL, please let me know. My other two bags are black and Tinted Chocolate, hopefully easy to match. But the Deep and Royal Purple Ormala worries me.

    Since this is a labelgate bag, I believe AA had it in stock for awhile. Maybe they got a sealant that is a better match since then. Glad yours doesn't have this issue!

    I don't think it's noticable when it's being worn. I don't have that perspective, so it's hard to be certain! But it is definitely noticeable when it is sitting on my desk, etc. The contrast on the top edge isn't too noticeable in home/office light, but the wide part near the base of the handles cannot be missed when the handles fall outward. My coworker asked me today how I liked the bag. I told her I really loved the design and the leather, but showed her the glued edges, and said I wasn't happy about that. She said she noticed that when I was unwrapping it, but thought maybe I had ordered it that way. So yeah, it's real obvious I think. I still love the bag and will definitely wear it (I did tonight), but I'm disappointed at the same time KWIM?
  11. So I obsessively checked all of my handbags to see if they had glued or sewn edges. I was surprised to see that this Ignes is the only one I own with glued edges. Maybe that's why it's so noticeable to me? I am going to email Maria to give her some feedback on it. I just want it to come across as constructive, since I know how much pride they take in their products. I'd really like to know for my own knowledge why they glue some and fold and seal others. Most of my handbags are nondesigner from Spain & Italy, very inexpensive for leather handbags, but the seams are folded and sewn. That leads me to think it's not a cost thing?

    The glue to me really is a negative. I was pretty set on getting my sis a Ignes for Xmas (she screams Purple Patent with a Royal bow!!), but now I really doubt I would, at least without knowing how good a match the sealant would be. I'd like to give Maria that feedback, but as kindly as possible....
  12. Just my two cents... they sealed some of my edges on my Petra with that same blue color, although I think in photos, it's more apparent. It doesn't bother me. I'd be more bothered by the uneven application. I'm used to seeing glued edges though. The other problem is that this particular blue is SO hard to match, which is why the color discrepancy is more apparent. Maria will appreciate your feedback!
  13. I know that BE glues the edges of the rolled handles and I have read that some have had issues with these. I think that with the gluing process it has to be done well. My Sofias have glued edges at the top and they look fine. The color matches and the sealant was applied well.

    The color on yours does seem to be off. Have you talked to Maria about it?
  14. The flat straps on my Virginia have the seam paint. It looks fine and is a good match.

    I wonder if they could send you a better matching seam paint to redo the bag? I know you don't want to have to and don't want to deal, but it's any option?
  15. Ok, I got the royal purple mini-o. They used a lavender paint on it. It is definitely a contrast. Not sure what I think of it yet. Will post pics in reveal thread.