Glue retouching?

  1. Has anyone had touch ups on the glue that is used to hold together the sides of the leather parts (vachetta) on f.ex mono bags (where the leahter has been cut)? And if so, does anyone know what it costs?

    The antigua I bought just before christmas apparantly wasen't carefully glued so the leather pieces are splitting at the ends. This hasen't happened to any of my ther bags with vachetta yet, even the ones that are a lot older.
  2. Not sure what it costs but I'm sure it can be done. On the vachetta parts, it's called reglazing so I'm sure there's something similar for fabric bags.
  3. I had it be done on the monogram fabric on one of my wallets-as far as I remember it was free, but I might be wrong. But I would certainly remember if it would have been expensive.
  4. I remember it was free on mine
  5. Thanks everyone. I'll take it with me and ask next time I'm going to the store. ^_^