Glowing Speedy Paris Watch

  1. Did you see that incredible watch at In the dark the watch lights up stars and the Eiffel Tower and is made of diamonds and sapphires! When you click on the watch it goes into animation so you can see the daylight/dark versions.
  2. SOUNDS AMAZING!!!:love:
  3. Sounds gorgeous!
  4. wasn't working for me last night :sad: I'll have to check it again.
  5. Beautiful.... and so is the exquisite price!!!
  6. Just how expensive is it?? :blink:
  7. I think I read an article a while ago on it that had it priced at $10,000 + ?? I could be mistaken though. It's all those diamonds and the "secret" eiffel tower glow, plus the exclusivity factor that drive up the price
  8. If you go to Paris and buy it, the cost is 30,000 Euros, about $37,000 American.

    I could buy my dream car for that!
  9. $10k for an LV watch... hmm, i'd have to think about it... sike... no thinking. I'd rather buy couple more purses. heheheh.
  10. Ouch!!!!! That will put a dent in your wallet!
  11. My SA has sold one of those...I think he told me the price was $45k. I don't really remember. But I need to hunt down that customer and take the watch :lol: It's gorgeous.
  12. That's probably correct, I was just going straight from Euros to USD, LV always raises the prices on items here. :sad2:

    Which is why I'm glad I know someone that goes to Paris frequently! :lol:
  13. There's a small version going for 16,900 quid and a medium one for 20,300. Was there a large one ? It'd probably be the size of a peach !

    They are fab watches though.. gorgeous !


  14. Beautiful watches! The special edition lines of the watches this year are so lovely. I'd accept any one of them. (LOL)
  15. These are the ones on, so gorgeous. I wish I had the money for one.....