Gloves in summer?

  1. Have any of you ever worn gloves in the summer? Obviously not woolen or leather gloves but lace or whatever? Any good sources?

    I have a wedding this summer so I need a pair + I think it could be cute'n'quirky with the right accessories.
  2. I think they will look nice. I see a lot, well not a lot, but enough people wearing gloves to church in the summer so why not. :smile:
  3. If you can pull it off..HOWVER it does kind of remind me of the MADONNA_ERA???!!!
  4. I almost bought a beautiful pair of beige crochet gloves the other day. Very pretty.

    Oh. Just saw what Jill wrote. But these don't look like that at all, I swear!
  5. Mmmm, I'm looking for a pair too, where did you see that?

    And no, I'm not going with the bleached blonde hair and slutty clothing as well.
  6. my gram had BOXES of beautiful linen gloves. she ALWAYS had gloves on when she went out...fur trimmed for winter, lace trimmed or plain for summer. she was so beautiful.

    look at vintage and antique shops, there are usually lots there. i love gloves, but my hands are too big so they rarely fit. :\
  7. Sunglasses at night? I don't think so.
    And as for the gloves, you might want to check my original post, about the fact I'm going to a wedding.
  8. I think it would be cute, but I would probably not do full-length ones. Maybe w/ a nice summery dress or something?
  9. I wear fingerless lace gloves in summer and I'm not retarded, they happen to suit me. :P :biggrin: Isn't it great that we all have such individual taste?

    You might want to try an old-fashioned department store, Perja - I found nice (non-fingerless) gloves in laces and summer fabrics here in the UK at John Lewis, but it's not a chain you have.

    I know it sounds weird but the kind of places that older people shop are great for formal attire that can look really great worn the right way.;)

  10. Hey, Perja. These are great -- they are short gloves and very pretty, yet modern. The version I saw was at Holt Renfrew (Canadian high-end chain) but I know that this is going to be something that will be available everywhere, in differing versions. Holt's used them in an ad illustrating spring trends (they were on the 'crochet' page), so I believe that you can actually see them by going to the Holts website, and looking under 'trends'. Will have to double check that, though!
  11. (By short, I mean not elbow length, but, rather, with a closure on the wrist).
  12. I think it would be pretty. I am sure you are talking about a nice crochet or lace not Madonna inspired! LOL
    I have a pair of white crochet that are short and have the wrist closure. They are really pretty. They were my grandmother's. :love:
  13. Sounds pretty, luvmybags!
  14. All those sound pretty but I haven't found any yet :sad:
  15. Perja, I went on the Holt's site, and checked, and they don't have a picture of those gloves on the site. I was hoping I could borrow it and post it here for you -- at least it would have given you an idea of what I was going on about!

    Sorry about that!