Glove tanned leather??

  1. What is glove tanned leather? Can you moisturize it? How does it hold up in rain?
  2. Anyone????
  3. Yes, you can clean and moisturize glove tanned leather. I'm sure Coach cleaner/moisturizer is great. But, I've been using Apple Brand on all my leathers including white & black legacy. It cleans and protects and provides water resistance. I've even sprayed suede with the Apple Suede Protector/Repellent (from I use a soft baby washcloth that feels like soft velour.

    Coach has their method/technology . . . Glove tanned leather . . . is a process which treats i.e, "tans" leather to retain its life. You can google "leather tanning process."
  4. Thank you very much Entheos! Great help!!