Glove Question

  1. I just ordered these from the website cause they are absolutely adorable and I was wondering if anyone has them yet? I just want to know if they run small. I ordered the med/lrg but I have fairly large hands. I hope they fit! Any opinions? TIA!
  2. those are adorable!
    sorry i have no clue when it comes to gloves...It is still in the high 90's here. And it doesnt ever get cold enough to wear gloves..although I think the scarves and gloves are so cute!
  3. OOh...I don't have those yet...but thinking they need to go on the Christmas list.... I didn't realize they weren't sized like the other gloves...I know I'm a size 8 in coach gloves...but I don't know how that would translate to these...
  4. OMG what a waste of money!
  5. 8 is the largest size, so you'd need a large. For those wondering how to size these, here ya go ;)

    6.5 - small
    7.0 - small/medium
    7.5 - medium/large
    8.0 - large
  6. Those are really cute!! I like those better than the leather gloves.
  7. I bought these during PCE and love them! I got them in the petite/small size as I have teeny hands/fingers. Usually even small gloves are big on me and invariably the fingers are too long but the Coach pair are perfect. You will definitely be fine with the med/large size. I can't wait for cool weather to start wearing them - enjoy yours when they arrive! :tup:
  8. So that was a bit rude. :tdown:
  9. So really cute.. but a little pricey... I am just gonna :drool: over it.
  10. OMG you're really rude! I didn't ask for your opinion on how to spend my money, thank you.

    A big thank you to everyone else who helped! :angel:
  11. Loving these gloves! I've had them on my Coach wishlist ever since they came out!!! I bet these feel like heaven on!!! Great buy IMO!!! :yes: