Glossybox USA reveal

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  1. Anyone sub to glossy box? Just recieved my box a week early!



    What's in yours?
  2. I got mine the other day. I think everyone's was the same this month with the exception of the nail polish color. I'm very impressed. I think it's the best subscription box so far!
  3. I subscribed as well. Mine arrived today. I just need to walk my lazy butt up to the mail boxes to get it lol.
  4. I went last night to get it, and boy do I love what I got! Zoya Meg, and Burberry Lip Mist in Copper. What shade is yours?
  5. Oooh that looks like a genuinely NICE box!
  6. I am and I got the same things the only difference was the nail polish color I returned it to Ulta.
  7. I want a Glossybox sub so bad. Waiting until they open subs again.

    The box above looks amazing!
  8. trying not to get excited about GB as the first 3 boxes are usually really nice with new beauty sub services. Lol Its hard because your goodies are nice, but i will remain calm. Lol
  9. Yay! I signed up for this today. I have become a little addicted to these subscription boxes. It's bad! lol
  10. Loved my May box! Can't wait for the June box. The box itself was a treat. Anyone know what will be in the June box.? They haven't posted it yet on the site.
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    I *think* we may have a hint to what's coming. I logged onto my account today and went to surveys and new surveys are up for 9 items. Those of you who have a account log on and see if find the same. Do you think we'll get all of this?