Glossy goat vs small classic grain

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  1. Greetings I am getting ready to purchase my first Mulberry, a small lily. I would love some advice from owners of glossy goat or small classic grain why you chose each leather, and how it wears over time in particular structure vs slouch and scratch resistance.

    I have received advice from an SA that the small classic grain might hold its structure a little better but that both leathers will soften over time and that the glossy goat is pretty durable and scratch resistant. Anything else to know?

    I'd go with a darker color (black glossy goat or midnight or clay small classic grain) so I'm not too concerned about the scratches, more about structure but feel free to educate me on appreciation for Mulberry leather over time!
  2. As far as I'm aware, the only current Lily in glossy goat is the black, so the colour you want should be the focus. From what I've heard, small classic grain is sturdier and a little more structured. An SA told me Mulberry have moved towards this leather because it is supposed to more durable than NVT in oak and oxblood.
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  3. I had an Alexa in red glossy goat and what the SA told you is exactly right. It is flexible, slouchy but scratch resistant and also I found that it was water resistant. Maybe it was due to the glossy finish but I could take it out in the rain and it would be fine.
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  4. Thank you Twinkle Pink, I totally agree color should be the deciding factor.

    seccrenicche thank you - I’m glad to hear your experience agrees with what the SA told me, and that I shouldn’t be too fussy in the rain.
  5. If slouchiness is a worry, I'd recommend getting a liner. Works great with a Lily as it also stops your items "poking through" the leather (wallet, keys etc). I think glossy goat is maybe slightly dressier whereas classic grain can be smart or more casual. I'd try out both and see how the prints work out with your wardrobe!
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  6. I chose small classic grain purely because I liked the look of it better. As mentioned above, I think the glossy goat looks more dressier 100% of the time, where as the classic grain can be dressed up or down. I've had no problem with scratches and while I definitely try to take care of my bags, I'm not watching over it like a hawk. Plus I'm clumsy so it's bumped into things a few times :biggrin:

    ETA: I will say that mine has held it's structure wonderfully and I credit that to using a liner from day 1. Definitely get a liner!
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  7. What liners do you use in your Lilys?
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  8. I think the glossy goat is lovely :smile:
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  9. I have had a red lily in glossy goat and rose petal in small grain. In terms of slouch the GG is a little softer, however both are very hardy, no scratches on either, and much better in my opinion than NVT. I always use a liner when I use them, so I've not noticed much difference as a result. Go with your preferred colour choice!
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  10. Oh and I ended up changing my glossy goat poppy red lily to a shiny goat bright red lily. I prefer the glossy goat finish to shiny goat as the leather was thicker, but I changed because I much prefer the bright red colour. Both are still very durable!
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  11. Love Lolo, Mono, Lanillio and Handbag Angels all produce great liners
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  12. Could I
    ask-what is the difference between Milberry glossy goat and shiny goat leathers? I have a poppy red double zip tote in shiny goat but have also seen poppy red bags in glossy goat. What IS the difference between the 2 leathers? TIA! 20180524_150732.jpg
  13. Could you please post a photo of your bright red lily in shiny goat? TIA
  14. Thank you I will look into these.
  15. Hi, glossy goat is softer and more natural looking - and has a subtle sheen. Shiny goat is a stiffer leather, more processed and shinier.

    I have a taupe double zip Bays in shiny goat and it holds its shape very well due to the stiffer leather, which is perfect for that style. I also have a couple of glossy goat bags - definitely more slouchy, but nowhere near the slouch of something like soft buffalo (it’s also much thicker than soft buffalo).

    Glossy goat is my personal favourite Mulberry leather as it looks great, it’s lightweight and also very robust - wish they’d start using it more!

    Hope this helps x