Glossy Goat VS Buffalo shine

  1. Hi ladies :heart:
    I have just bought two Lilys in the standard size. The first one is in glossy goat and was more worn than the second one. When I compared them I noticed that the second lilys leather was different and in buffalo shine. I got the receipt for both bags as well and the bag with glossy goat leather cost the double of the price of the bag with buffalo shine. Could u please tell me the big different between the leathers and which one I should keep considering the durability and scrathes. I personally think the one with buffalo shine looks more beautiful, but the glossy goat looks more hard-wearing.


  2. Hi, no idea about buffalo shine I’m afraid - is it a main collection or outlet special?

    But can wholeheartedly recommend glossy goat - this leather looks fab, and it’s both lightweight and durable.

    Good luck deciding!
  3. I have a black buffalo shine lily with soft gold hardware which I have owned since 2011. I only recently got it repaired, replacement chains, new postman’s lock and repairs to the inking earlier this year and it looks brand new again.
  4. I think it was sold in a short period of time :smile:
  5. That's good to know. What about the leather, has the structure changed?
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