glossy eyelashes

  1. do you guys know how to get wet,glossy looking eyelashes that are kinda clumped how after you cry.
    I love the way they look and was wondering if anyone knew of any product or even home type fix
  2. Perhaps you can try to find Dior's Ice Pearl mascara on eBay- once the little droplets on the ends melt, it gives that look you described.

    I think Stila also had a 'wet' mascara that will give the wet, clumpy look- but it was limited edition I think.
  3. I think Chanel has a dew drops mascara or something? You put it on and it's like you have dew drops on the end of your eyelashes.
  4. Stila has that clear mascara. Alternatively, if you really wanna look natural but glossy, slick on a teeny bit of elizabeth arden 8hour cream onto the lashes.
  5. Petroleum jelly. I swear it works!