Glossy Dee Flat: Problem :(

  1. Hi everyone!

    A few months ago, i bought a pair of glossy dee flat with ties in the front in dark red. I have wore them only a few times, but no, due to the ties rubbing on the glossy leather, the leather is not glossy anymore and has changed from red to grey/black...I have never had problems with any of my tods shoes but it's the first time i bought glossy one's and i'm really disappointed. i have already brought them back once and they have repaired it but now after wearing it once, i can see the grey spot again :sad:
    Is that normal? Has it happened to you and what did you do?
    Hope you guys can help me with my problems. I really like the red and don't really want to bring it back. Also, do you think i will have any problems returning them after a few months?

    Thanks a lot for your help!