Glossy Chloe Faye Anyone???

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  1. Has anyone seen or own a glossy Chloe?

    I just saw a glossy Faye on sale online and on my screen it looks fab. And it also looks durable which for me is a necessity.

    Does anyone have one? Do they wear well in person? Are they actually durable??

    Any intel would be much appreciated! :hugs:
  2. Are you referring to this Faye (photo attached below)?

    If so, this bag will not be durable in one sense. If you like patina, you'll love the way this will age. If you want your bag to look new for a long time, I wouldn't get this bag.

    This bag is made of lambskin, which many claim is a delicate leather. I have a lambskin bag and it's holding up fine, but there are many videos on YouTube about Chanel lambskin and how some wouldn't touch it, so it's up to your preference :smile:

    It's also made with an aniline finish, which is the highest quality. However, this finish allows the natural leather to show, and marks will be easily attained. Many reviews complain about how easily marked the regular Faye is, and the regular Fayes are only semi-aniline, which already has a protective coat on top. So you can imagine how easily marked this glossy Faye will be…

    Personally, I think this glossy Faye is to die for! It's gorgeous and unique and you know the leather is going to be super super high quality and the technique used on it is unique and age-old :smile: Just prepare yourself for patina galore! Where did you see it on sale and for how much? Because the materials and tanning method used have marked up the retail price quite a bit…

    If you get it, please share pics! I'd love to see it :smile:
  3. Ssense has a few of the glossy Chloes on sale.

    Regarding a durable faye... I got my small in the caramel full grained goatskin for that reason (as I wanted a tan color and figured the suede top flap one would be a nightmare). It was a godsend when it popped up during the Barneys sale for 42% off!

    For my faye WOC I got the carbon color, and its holding up well as it's a dark color so I'm not as concerned about the suede flap and not having any issues with the smooth leather.
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