Glossary of Purse Forum Terms.

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  1. Ok, so I may be a total ditz but....some of these words took me awhile to figure out...

    SA=Sales Associate

    IMO=In My Opinion

    IRL=In Real Life

    OT=Off Topic (just saw that one today, give credit to Dani)

    DH=I still can't figure out what the 'D' is...'H' is husband, right?

    Can anyone else think of any other ones? This would be most helpful for the newbies....:shame: (like me).
  2. Dani,

    I couldn't pull up whatever you just posted.

    What's 'DH'??? Do tell...:P
  3. DH is Dear Husband I think but I'm not positive
  4. That's what I thought too at first...but of course I'm always second-guessing myself.:suspiciou
  5. I thought it meant Darling Husband..:Push: !
  6. Dear, Darling, DAMN husbad. ;)

    But mostly Darling or Dear.
  7. lol me too. Glad to see I'm not the only one who didn't get these abbreviations right off the bat.
  8. What does "kwim" mean? I just can't figure that one out.:shame:
  9. Maybe if you put it into context it will make more in a sentence or something....:huh:
  10. I was wondering about DH too, I thought it meant dear husband, and I guess I was right. I'd add a few of my own to that list, but the language police would be out in full force :lol:
  11. Oh yeah, I think I know which ones you're talking about...I've definitely seen this in a post or two...

    WTF=What The F@*&, right?
  12. KWIM is Know What I Mean
    I use that one a LOT!
    Rolling on Floor Laughing My Ass Off Peeing My Pants!

    DH, DS, DD
    Dear/Darling/Damn Husband, Dear/Darling Son, Dear/Darling Daughter
  13. This is the sentence it was in the first time I ever saw it used:

    "Can we post pics of our stuff!! Not only do I love seeing other people's collections, but it will definitely clear up who's on the up and up and who's just fantasizing, kwim??"

    I think it means something like "are you with me on this?" but I just can't figure out what the letters ("kwim") are supposed to stand for.
  14. Ahhhh...thank you! Oh, I could just hug you right now! You have no idea how much this has been bugging me!
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