Gloomy day in Boston

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  1. But not for me!!! The DH and I headed to Bloomies this afternoon and that's where he made my day a lot brighter... not talking about s*x, much better... he bought me a new bag :love:.
    I'm presenting you the BLACK EXPANDABLE PETITE FLAP... I totally made that up, not sure what it's called but it has the same stitching of the expandable bags and it is gorgeous.
    It was $1650 + tax.
    Hope you enjoy the pics, sorry for the sweats.
    NewChanel1.JPG NewChanel2.JPG NewChanel3.JPG NewChanel4.JPG
  2. Love it!
  3. congrats on your new bag - its pretty! how sweet of your dh =)
  4. love it!
    Super cute
  5. lucky!! i haven't seen that bag yet, i love it.
  6. how cute!!! I really like it!!!!!
  7. That is soooo cute, congrats!!
  8. Congrats! Gorgeous bag!!
  9. CONGRATS, very cute.
  10. Congrats on your gorgeous bag!!
  11. Your expandable pouchette is super cute. I love it. Congrats on your new purchase :smile:
  12. Congrats, very nice bag. What a nice dh
  13. is lovely!
  14. beautiful bag!! congrats!
  15. Nice! I saw this IRL and it is very cute!