Globetrotting with LV: Part 3 - What did she do to her Neverfall?

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  1. NO more goodie this time, ( my CC is relieved) But I saw some quite interesting fashion trend. All over the world,

    It was bout 5 degree in Tokyo, and I was freezing in my skinny Tsubi yet the girls there don’t seem to mind the cold. To be seen in a mini skirt with nothing more then a thin layer of sheer leggings in the middle of winter would be considered idiotic in Sydney but not in Tokyo. I guess a bomber jacket and a scarf compensate for the lack of clothing below.

    But I have to admit the girls there are Hot, and they know how to dress. Some are questionable, esp in Harajuku but beside that, definitely no arrest made by the fashion police.

    Oh and the Japanese love their LV’s. I saw some very interesting bags and there were two that took my attention. I saw so many LV out and out in the streets I swear to god, I thought I was at fashion show.

    Here are the spy shots.

    No comments but somehow…I Like it, very individual….



    This one was a "WHAT THE"??!!?!?!??!



    Do share your comments

    BTW - if you ever catch a small asian chic taking photo of your bags.. its probally me. Do say Hi!!! :biggrin:
  2. I actually like the painted Neverfull too!
  3. I do this too LOL I took a picture of a girl's Mini Lin Neverfull at Huntington Beach one time....
  4. I like the neverfull too .... I asked here if they could do a personalised neverfull like they will offer with the speedy & keepall and they said NO:nogood:
  5. oh azur bh - looks quite enticing

    thanks for sharing all your lovely pics...

    great buys!
  6. azur BH?!? WOW! I haven't any mention of that except Damier Ebene BH. Totally cool.
  7. Very creative! Certainly different!
  8. You can really paint a neverfull like that? or is it customized?
  9. I know, Azure BH.. i started questioning its authenticity but this is Japan… no one has fakes here. No one is brave enough to wear fakes!
  10. wow, i would pay to have that done to my neverfull!!!
    and im curious to know if the BH is authentic...
  11. there was an inital "YOKO" on it! maybe she's an artist.... and used a $1500 bag as a canvas. I hate to make a mistake!!
  12. Love that painted Neverfull! And the azur is making me wish for an azur Galliera.
  13. I love what she did! It makes it so unique.
  14. Gosh, the painted Neverfull is gorgeous! :drool:

    Wish I knew an artist who could customise such a design for me.
  15. yay! i was anxiously awaiting update #2 -- and then came #3! :smile: so cool. love the hidden camera photos! an azur BH would be so great. and i too love what the gal did to her neverfull. if i painted a bag, it would end up looking like a child's art project so i admire all of those with artistic talent!